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Few xrt skins and please help me
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Few xrt skins and please help me
Hello, so this thing been to me since i installed 0.6e so even the stock view and some skins has this ultra pixelated problem all tho not all the skins, but the car backgruond and some skins have this problem? any suggestions how to fix this? the skin size is good and that background size is good too, i dont know whats the problem

Please help me, i reinstaled lfs alot of times, but even on stock backrounds and skins is the same thing.

And heres some skins for xrt
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#2 - kdo
First, you are a demo, with a cracked lfs
Second, we will not help a crackor
Third , you have .vob mods.
buy s2 please

and where did you got those cool backrounds for cars?
why are you displaying S2 content when you are a demo racer and why display xrt skins cos no one is going to upload 'em for you cos your a demo racer. If i were scawen/victor/eric you'd be banned

Few xrt skins and please help me
(6 posts, started )