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Quote from Rappa Z :Damn you Dawesdust, I'd hate you if you weren't so damn funny.

I have my moments I suppose.
woke up to an unexpected few inches of snow, started walking to school slipping everywhere, boiler broke, i didnt have to go in, yay
The snowy Finland... Some of the snow has melted on last week but now coming some more! Just perfect weather for awd madness on the roadz!
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Only 24.3 i. Bridgeport. Pls im 5 minutes from there and we got like 40. Trust me, clearing the drive way sucked
I got this picture from a relative in Connecticut. 2+ feet, nice!

I got nothing, btw.
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Been snowing for 7 hours here now but it's just suceeded in making everything wet.

It's been snowing the whole day now here in Joniškis, northern Lithuania.

BTW nice avatar Crashgate3 ... Yes yes, I know, I copyed it but meh!
Quote from Sobis :It's been snowing the whole day now here in Joniškis, northern Lithuania.

BTW nice avatar Crashgate3 ... Yes yes, I know, I copyed it but meh!

Whilst the day has just started, same here in North NL
It's happening again!
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meh, snow one day sun next day want to wash the car and put summer tires on it.
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Nice truck!
f u spring!
How is it that I live in Canada, and had under a week of snow this year?
Quote from dawesdust_12 :Image tags won't work because they're not true links to an image file, they're to a webpage representing file.

You can directly link to images using the IMG tag, but AFAIK they have to be placed in your Dropbox/Public directory first. Then just right click -> Dropbox -> Copy Public Link. This should copy the image URL to clipboard, which you can then paste.

edit: Actually, it seems like all you need to do to be able to direct link to images is to change the www.dropbox to dl.dropbox. So, you don't need to place them in the Public folder first.
I think it's safe to say that snow is gone for a while.

not gone still, but started melting here finally, 6 months of white hell is over soon...
well, spring lasted a few days at least
but went to STCC pre-season testing to see some F Renault's and clios fail but we missed the guy that crashed on pit entery
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26 C announced for tomorrow...surely wont see any more snow.
well, already had 2 days of snow anyway this winter
It's back! and there's more coming for the rest of the night!
yes, it's snow despite of the lq photo...
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and i thought that 6-7 months of snowy agony is hell over here, thank god there is place worse than here.
The underpowered rear wheel drive awaits!
NJ's getting hit!

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