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5 reasons why you still play LFS
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To use this:
1. setup a dozen input devices, click three times, race
2. cargame
3. best car feel
4. good community (really, if you say its bad you haven't been around the net much)
5. no "you left the track, plz slow down" daddy features
I guess the question is not why we play it, but why we ''still'' play it (after so long)?

Well for me there is one main reason why I haven’t moved to another sim yet, that’s because after almost 20 years of hardcore gaming I think I have found a virtual family in lfs and didn’t expect the feeling to be so strong and to take so long!
I only have one:
  • Still the only sim that feels the closest to real life drifting
There's simply nowhere else to go.
1. Competition.
2. The community.
3. the game.
4. Racing.
5. Realism.
1. Dennis
2. Dennis
3. Dennis
4. Dennis
5. Dennis

Wait, I don't even play :elefant:
Quote from RevengeR :1. Dennis
2. Dennis
3. Dennis
4. Dennis
5. Dennis

Wait, I don't even play :elefant:

1. Troll around on the track and laugh yer butt off while being on TS.
2. Calling Andy instead of Endy.
3. Le community.
4. Le realism.
5. Le fun
6. I'm epic.
3 clicks and I'm in a server.. no bullsh*t
Great Cruise Server Community (unless its WKD)
(Including the huge possibilities availible through some InSim coding )
Waiting for S3, Scirocco, Rockingham

(yeh I'm a cruiser, so what.. When I get good enough with a wheel I'll race :shy
Quote from Joku123 :1. Scirocco
2. Rockingham
3. New tyre physics
4. S3

May I get a copy of your LFS folder?
1. waiting
2. to have
3. an
4. wheel
5. for lfs
6. and LFT team
1. Realism
2. Skins
4. Waiting for S3
5. Cargame
1. I don't work
2.bored franky fail
4.beat franky's pb's easly
5.make wr's on cargame
1. Easy instalation and low requirements.
2. Awesome reality - cars and tracks are awesome
3. Endless hours of fun racing with cool people.
4. Voteban button for crashers, and forums to post reports.
5. LFS forum.
- Really well made tracks
- Option for singleplayer self-made tracks for time trials
- Close bumper-to-bumper racing
- Friendly/helpful community
- There's always someone faster...
1.) When I am bored!
2.) [TC] Servers!
3.) nicely play.
4.) Still nothing just afk!
5.) Game simple bored game sometime!
1. so close to real you can learn to race using only LFS
2. amazingly skilled drivers online
3. total freedom to use software like you want -- rally layouts!
4. community
5. content - e.g. watch epic races from any angle you want as many times as you want

had to pick just 5 hehehe
#43 - Xone
Quote from joku123 :1. Scirocco
2. Rockingham
3. New tyre physics
4. S3
5. I like trains

1. Takes 3 seconds to start
2. It's fun
3. Intense racing
4. It's fun
5. Why does everyone love cargame? I hate racing with so many different classes.
1. To get new times.
2. To win S2 license
3. S3
5. And its fun, and i like there my friends and team mates.
-> Best physics ever
-> Great close racing
-> Best lfs team ever -
-> N i k i being a complete nub
-> Fox
1. Doesn't ask for much and gives a lot in return (PC performance-wise)
2. No matter how fast or slow you are, you will ALWAYS find a match.
3. Last Lap Motorsports.
4. Making fun of Ray on a daily basis.
5. Making fun of Matt on a daily basis.
Da Truth
1> Superb feel to the game with a wheel, really is so deep.
2> Tracks are extensive and suit the majority of cars, and now with open configs, limitless... almost.
3> Excellent web interface for checking, monitoring performance etc (I love u LFSW)
4> The Cars, Im still completely hooked on the XRT after 10 years!!! TBO forever guys ok!
5> The Racing, old or new guys, pro or complete nub, always interesting & fun & challenging.
S1 to first five demo users.
I'm a demo users from the past. My time machine worked! I'm in the year 2013! It's a miracle!

5 reasons why you still play LFS
(149 posts, started )