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Team Rock Racing - A new beginning
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Merry Christmas and best of luck in 2013 to my baby Tommy and TRR!
Strong start to the new year

We are proud to welcome four new members to Team Rock Racing. It may not come as a surprise, as we have had a great time together before and lately. We are all happy to take it to the next step and having these fantastic friends, Jonne, Henri, Nicholas and Thorsten joining the team.

Jonne Hannula (diitseipoika) is 16 years old and come from Finland. Jonne’s great personality is something we are very happy to have in the team. Besides doing sim-racing with us, he is also playing Football and spending time with his girlfriend. He is happy to join TRR as his first team on Live for Speed, as we apparently are both funny and friendly

Henri Tanskanen (henqqa) is another 16 years old Finn. Henri is a real multi-talent, and apart from doing sim-racing, he is playing bass, and enjoying skiing in the winter as well. Henri is joining us with the intention of growing and developing as a driver in a fun place, and we are eager to work together and see what we can achieve.

Our old friend, Thorsten Ulrich (Masterboy19660815) returns to our team after having left us for forming Team 6th Gear Racing with some friends of his in 2011. Thorsten likes how the team have progressed, and is having some close friends in the team. Thorsten is also an experienced RC Car racer, and is otherwise having a great time with his friends. We are looking forward to see how Thorsten can do in leagues, representing Team Rock Racing.

Another former member, Nicholas Leslie Zawadi Wrage (Niggo) is also returning after his last stay in 2011. Nicholas comes is also coming back to us after his period in Team 6th Gear Racing. We are very happy to have the funny German with us again, and are looking forward to some great times ahead. Nicholas satisfy the very personal relationship between the members in the team, and is happy to be back now that we are more involved in racing than last time he was here. Nicholas is another musician and is playing guitar, but is also interested in biology and gaming.

“I am really happy that all four wanted to join our team. They fit perfectly into the team; we have had some fun times together. These guys will also strengthen our team in the top leagues, so I am really looking forward to get on with it. Welcome, guys!”, says our manager, Tommy Østgaard.

We wish you a huge welcome, and hope you will enjoy your time here!
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Congrats Jonne!
Congrats Jonne!
Thanks guys! Im happy to be in Team Rock Racing!
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Great signings - happy new year TRR!
Great signings, yo. Keep it like this :P
Looks like I am teamless ... once again :/ anyyyyways Gratz
Nice ones TRR, good luck
Nice , GL mates
New website - new member

We are happy to announce a completely new website, and a new member, Reno Kööts!

Visit the website and read the news here:
Cool website and nice signing.

Wasn't he there before? Be careful.
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Gratz for the nice signing!
Websites looks great!
Congrats on the new website - I like the simplicity of it.

And good luck, Reno.
Yeah it lists him as a member in your old team thread
Smooth website you got there, guys.
Thanks, guys! It warms my heart!

Well, that situation with his past joining was quite unclear, and happen when most guys left and formed Ixion. Because of this, the joining never actually happen really.

But now that our situation is stable and a whole lot different, we are happy to finally welcome him properly!
Good looking website Good luck to Reno aswell
Nice website TRR , good luck Reno
Good luck Reno, and good job with the website.
Nice website

Team Rock Racing - A new beginning
(88 posts, started )