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City Driving / Cops & Robbers
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City Driving / Cops & Robbers
hey guys i made a city to play cops and robbers in. its basically a highway going all through town with offramps to go to different parts of the city and onramps to get back on the freeway. theres 3 parking lots with one chosen as the police station marked with the letter P. feel free to change the parking lots or do whatever you wish with them. take a look at the pics and if you like it then download it and go ahead and host it whenever you like. ... 7/sidewaysin916/city1.jpg ... 7/sidewaysin916/city2.jpg ... 7/sidewaysin916/city3.jpg ... 7/sidewaysin916/city4.jpg ... 7/sidewaysin916/city5.jpg
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*Layout added to database*

I like your layout alot.
i liked a lot the idea... but you should be more careful placing objects... looks like you were in a rush to finish... and some barriers' edge, are pointing to the street... some street lines, the one that places the center, are not well placed... if you improove it, ti will be awesome...

and in my opinion, doesn't look like you've used the 512 objects... if you really haven't... please do more stuff... it looks really good...
looks good!!! a gas station like this would be cool(ill do my best)


u get it?
i used dots, so the "pic" would be good
well i didnt use 512 but i used 510 . i was in a little bit of a rush and pretty tired when i made it. maybe ill go through and put the extra effort into fixing it up a bit. i never play cops and robbers so the layout means nothing to me. i only made it for others to play on.
should play mate... when there are the right people in the server, it's a lot of fun... i think a gas station would be superb... for the "street-racers" to gather
ya a gas station would be pretty cool but used max objects so too late for that now i think
This citydriving layout is too small! In layout what Maxh's Citydriving server uses it has lot more roads!
i have a few ideas on how to fix the lack of road. ill post up new screenshots when i get around to doing it.
Ow this brings back old memories.

THIS is how cruise started inside LFS.

City layouts on AU1

Looking forward to relive the moments when back home.
Was a four year bump really needed?
Quote from DieKolkrabe :Was a four year bump really needed?

Sorry for that.

Did that so I could more easily find it once back home.
Quote from rockclan :Sorry for that.

Did that so I could more easily find it once back home.

Why not just subscribe?
to be honest.. who cares really ??

its just a thread.. :P

kind of fun when ppl bring up these old threads.. "what the past looked like".. ^^

like looking at old pic's from ww2 and stuff.. xD

City Driving / Cops & Robbers
(14 posts, started )