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What I like about LFS...
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What I like about LFS...
In one sentance, post what you like most about LFS!


I like counter hits (crashing)
Currently? I like waiting to get S3 .
That it's so raw and straight to the point. No bullshit effects and unnecessary "fancyness". Everything is functional and has a practical purpose.
The friendly side of it's community.
Quote from breadfan :That it's so raw and straight to the point. No bullshit effects and unnecessary "fancyness". Everything is functional and has a practical purpose.

Physik, Force Feedback, Option, Network are

but if you really like crashing most, you better try Flatout2
Pic a server, pic a car, race, have fun

Simplicity and quickness at best
Possibility to still run into a fun race with people who can control the madness.

Joke aside:
What I like about LFS is the physics, it just feels right.
The Community.
The Airplanes
Physics & all the ppl I still do not know but know I will meet online...
Loads of stuff already mentioned but if had to pick just 1 it would probably be the really clean, friendly, competitive and non stop online racing.
i'd love to say lerts, but he left :/
After watching a ton of videos about iRacing and reading threads about it from the internet, I start to appreciate and love LFS more and more, iRacing seems like a ****ing arcade with neat graphics, but it seems like you can play it with a low-end pc too, so I bet not many of the cpu/gpu power will actually go towards calculating the physics... It looks like it's impossible to spin any car in that GAME unless you hit the grass. Also if you hit a wall there your car can fly anywhere, even 359253kmh backwards...

So, what I love about LFS then? It's cheap compared to what you get, think about paying 15 bucks for a track and 12 bucks per car in LFS.. believe me, LFS is cheap. Also it's only one time payment. You can play LFS with low-end pc, it has decent graphics, good variation of cars, very good set-up stuff and rather nice internet community altough there are some wankers even in this very forums ruining it.

And sorry, it's impossible to say it in one sentence .
That, is what I like about lfs.
I can be in a race with 31 other people from all round the world within 3 minutes of turning my computer on.
That it's so simple to get into, yet so hard to fully master.
the clouds that dont move
The physichs, the feal of driving it, both stock, cruise, drift, race, competative drift with NTO(Tweak), the fact you can always find ppl online, and finding new cool ppl every day online
waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. My favorite.
That the graphic-engine is so old and outdated by now that I'm able to run LFS with esoteric anti-aliasing modes like combined 2x2 SS/8x AA + 8x Sparse Grid Transparency Supersampling and still get 200+ frames per second
The Racing
It holds me tight.
LFS keeps on whisperin' in my ear... telling me things that I want to hear. the s3 patch is coming

What I like about LFS...
(40 posts, started )