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Realistic F1 sound (BF1)
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Realistic F1 sound (BF1)
I've been working on this one for a while now and just wanted to share it with you guys, if you want to edit it: sure, post it here too

I hope you enjoy it
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Noone liked it?
Its good, but a little bit too shrill.
Clipping is really bad. My ears are still bleeding. Otherwise it´s quite nice.
Arox, try this one as a base and edit it to your liking.
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sounds ok to me, although a bit too high pitched in the replay, let us know how it turns out
you've tried the sound with tha BF1? Man i want that car..
Quote from MMMaaaXXX :you've tried the sound with tha BF1? Man i want that car..

Could it be that he watched just watched the youtube vid?
I think it sounds better in-game. I think this is probably the best BF1 sound there is, considering LFS' limited sound engine. Good job aroX!
I think for the time being, nothing is better than using CSR for a better F1 sound.


though the guy in this video forgot to turn down the volume of the BF1's original sound, so it sounds like 2 engines.
I looooooooooooooove it

Realistic F1 sound (BF1)
(12 posts, started )