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AE86 Levin/Trueno:package
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Quote from FunteX :Well you all keep refering to the InitialD show in connection with this package,
first of i am a great fan of the show though.
But that have nothing to do with my love for this car wich streches back to way before the very first intial d manga was even released,
or for that matter before Tsuchiya was recognized.
Sure i am a big fan of him but that was also before he became popular and alot of wannabe fanboys entered the arena.

Second, "Tomi" the 86 a designflaw? haha
not at all, actualy quite the oposite actualy my kiddiebreathed friend,
it is quite the masterpeice both mecanicaly and also regarding its design.

So please go dispatch ya childish opinions some other place okay my little frend.

nicely said, the hachi really is a legend.

oh, and nice skins! i haven't had time to try your stuff out yet (lfs isn't on my mac yet) but they look great!
#52 - PoVo
OMG thank you so much, i will drift with it But very slowly with the XRG Wish i had an XRT
how come when i installed it and played lfs, the xrg pop up headlights still showed when i used the LEVIN skin. on ur pics it doesnt. i even installed those six updates that come with it
hey FunteX, thanks
i really like the skins, but how come on ur 86lineup pic the levin doesnt show the xrgs headlights? when i started playing, i saw the front and i can see the xrg headlights. PLUS the levin is suppose to have a carbon fibre hood and it didnt show? thanks for the skin FunteX, i really like it

Driftking11(not really that good in drifting just a name i thought of)
Hehe Cheers, i just ment that it is a bit blesfemic not to say overdone to name yaself "Driftking" . . .

Sorry wor my long abcsence by the way, i have been quite busy with work and the like lately.
For example i have been working on restoring an old PUG 505 Turbo.
Might turn it into a driftmachine mut i'm not sure about that as of yet,
might just be a standard restore job into the clasic it is.
The original idea was to make it a showcase car for the showroom at the Peugeot dealer wich i am currently working . . .

By the way i have finaly decided to start working for a 2.0 version of this release,
further news on that behalf wil be posted here . . .
Quote from FunteX :

By the way i have finaly decided to start working for a 2.0 version of this release,
further news on that behalf wil be posted here . . .

Do it.
can we get a z version?
cool skin. I want made this.:hyper: (sorry for bad english)
#59 - MrPB
I think it looked really nice
I love the AE86. Thanks for sharing.
Z version,
if youre refering to the current lfs version then yes i am adding new material to the pack but also updating all the old stuff to!!!
this sounds great
They look great, ok?

I think they look very good. But maybe I`m just nuts because I think Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon, Triumph Dolomite and BMW 2002 Turbo all look unbelievably good.

This AE86 Trueno is with more modern 2 litre VTEC engine, kept N/A.
Quote from XCNuse : why do they all have black hoods?

at the start of that trend, dont know when, it started out as a way from keeping the sun from reflecting of the hood in the drivers eyes, so the "oldschool pimpers" started painting there hoods in black flat color, and it was like this for many years, it served as afunction, not just a cool look.

A few years later when people realy started to trick out there rides they went for the black hood for the "oldschool" touch, and in terms of racing teams started to make hoods out of carbon fiber to save weight, and they cept in black for the looks, and now that look has found its way back onto the streets again, theres a little trivia for you=)
Well regarding what you just said,
it is not that it is a secret or anything.
it ia rather commonly known . . .
How about trying the AE85 ?
How to installl active-x control plug-ins
The MSWINSCK.OCX is an old school Active-X controller plug-in module, most older programs, such as EA Sports PC games from the 1990's used active-x, and can be found on most of the game cd's in that time period.

However if you still have this error code, as many people do, I put together a package for you, and also a "quick install diagrahm", that explains where each component for the AE86 Package to be installed.... Just follow the directions as stated, and displayed in the diagrahm.

You can download the OCX file, below, in the attachments on this thread. I included to make life easier, as usual... lol =)


------ to register (install) mswinsck.ocx file, extract the "mswinsck.ocx" active-x controller to "C:\Windows\System" directory, make sure the OCX file is in the system directory as an object, -NOT- in a subfile in the system directory. use MS-DOS command prompt in windows explorer, the pathname to start MSDOS is:

- or also -
C:\windows\system32\ ~ (this is a simulated version of MS-DOS but works just the same)

------ when the dos prompt appears, it will already be in the "C:\windows\system32" folder, press the following keys to register the mswinsck.ocx Active-X controller. Only type indicated in red.


------ type " cd.. " ~ (this will go up one level out of "C:\Windows\system32" directory to "C:\Windows>" directory)


------ type " cd system " ~ (this will open the "C:\Windows\system" directory>


------ type " regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\System\mswinsck.ocx"

C:\Windows\system>regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\System\mswinsck.ocx

------- Press "enter" key, a message will appear confirming plug-in was installed successfully. =)


Before installing the this file into your game I recommend making a copy of the "LFSpatchZ/skin_dds" file, in case you mess it up, you wont have to re-install the entire game.

When you extract both zip components for the AE86 package, the "overchime zip" has another zip file located inside, extract that zip as well. You should have a total of 3 files, with the contents and directions to each as described below.

- AE86 x IV file - contains 5 ".jpg' files, only copy the 4 shown, to the "LFS/skins" directory, they will be automatically converted into ".dds" format.

- AE86 interior & Taillights + overspeedchime file - contains 1 additional zip file, and 6 ".dds" files, extract the zip file, and copy the 6 ".dds" files to the "LFS/skin_dds" file, as shown below.

- AE86 overspeedchime file - contains 2 files, the LFS_Overspeed_Chime.exe, and the chime.wav sound effect. Copy this folder, into the LFS game directory itself, so it makes an Overchime folder within the LFS game, as shown below. To use this module, simply click on the ".exe" file, once all components are installed.

I hope this is helpful to those who love Initial D as much as I do.


UPDATED: lol sorry my bad guys >_<.. the chime exe goes in the LFS main file folder, and the wav goes to the sound folder... sorry for the error, Ill make another Image when I got more time
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update.... (Pablo Donoso) DELETED by Pablo Donoso
Actually, for me, both files go together in the LFS folder, cuz my .exe says it can't run without the LFS.exe and the chime.wav together.
About overspeed chime

Well, the thing is I have a problem with running it.
The first problem was a file missing with .ocx end (I don't exactly remember).

The second problem, is when I running it, it says:
"Run-time error '429'.
ActiveX component can't create object".

What should I do ? I really want to make it work !
Please help me too i have an ERROR :"Run-time error 429" please help i want to make it work! Frown

AE86 Levin/Trueno:package
(70 posts, started )