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AE86 Levin/Trueno:package
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AE86 Levin/Trueno:package
Update Version 2.0 of this pack is now in the works !!!

Aaaah then i finaly had the time to finish it,
i have had it lying around unfinished for allmost six months now.
Now i finaly got myself pulled back together to touch it up and release it.
AE86 Levin/Trueno-package for Live for speed

Author [DD]FunteX

Copyright [DD]FunteX 2005

Public AE86 textures feel free to use all you want,
but dont change them.

Enjoy . . .
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With a AE86 when you go over a set limit, i think its 120k/ph theres a chime sound, this is a mod for lfs to make the sound...imho no need for it ^_^
why do they all have black hoods?
Quote from XCNuse : why do they all have black hoods?

that's so when you hit someone its harder to see the blood
well i think they look a bit cooler that way
#7 - Losah
The skins look really good.
I love the interior Tried to make one myself but gave up
Anyway, nice work!
i think the hood is black cause it's supposed to be carbon fibre, in the beginning of the series the car doesnt have it, but they mod it later on ..
Hey Thanks, rather late responce though sorry about that !
Dunno does they use it for same reason that in offroad racing, there they use black hoods because of sunlight reflection. Black hood isn't so bright as normal .. for example yellow hood

In drifting.. maybe they just wanna look cool?

hey FunteX...can you make some the same skins to the XFG and the sound too?
Why in the earth would you want a panda AE86 looking XFG since that car doesn't even look like AE86 by any means? The sound works with all cars I think.
well...because i don't play with the other cars. the reason is just that, i only play with the XFG.
But still, the XFG looks nothing like a AE86. If you just want a black bonnet, you can probably manage that
the package of Funtex looks great because of the Logo's, the rest is black and white. what i was looking for was the "Fuji...Tofu Shop", "Toyota", "Apex", etc stuff, and since i'm not skilled with image tools. i'm allready racing with the car with a black hood.
Ahhh ok. Maybe you'll get your wish
#17 - orre
You say : Coments:
Public AE86 textures feel free to use all you want,
but dont change them.

Am i alowed to copy those levin light to my skin if i don't change them??
Im terribly sorry to bring up an old post but when I try to run the overspeedchime.exe it says this:
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oh crap I fixed my own problem :doh:
sorry guys
Enjoy this 86
(Kb i mean)
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#21 - ekze
aLexusPro, great one! Your hachiroku rulz! ^_^
Redirect your compliments to skin's author, my deserts are really smaller.. But thanks anyway!
Ofcourse youre not allowed to orre!
Well thanks ekza
very good.
woah. This pack is great!

AE86 Levin/Trueno:package
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