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16h Teamspeak
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16h Teamspeak
There will be a teamspeakserver for the 16h 2011

just connect to

and have fun

every team may have their own channel and please don't disturb other teams.
#2 - Hahmo
Do we have to use this TS, or can we use our own one?
you can use your own one
User OneHitWonder is kicking people from the TeamSpeak server!
#5 - troy
Yep, what an idiot, can't communicate with my teammate anymore
and that's the reason why a ts3-server needs a password. this is the 3rd time it happened in a endurance-race with a ts3 without a password :chair:
Shouldn't be able to kick without rights anyways.
shouldn't but was

thats kind of a hack going on

16h Teamspeak
(9 posts, started )