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Omg !!!
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Omg !!!
I got bad PC with Windows VISTA (I HATE HER), who gets ~8 FPS and the game is working normal. I can even record and the FPS is still ~8.
Is that normal ?
BTW: I got 512 RAM
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P.S. What are your other specs about that PC? Processor, Video card.

Also, your graphic settings are set to low, yes?

I wonder if Vista and 512 Mb of RAM just might have anything to do with his fps?
More to the point, I wonder how Vista with 512MB RAM can do anything at all...

@mcmustang: What is it you consider not normal? That you can record at the same FPS as play? The GPU is probably a bottleneck, but I can't think of a GPU crappy enough to run LFS at 8 FPS.
Right click on computer, properties, and tell us your windows experience index rating.
Open your window, lift the computer to the window edge, enable hardware free-fall acceleration. Job done.
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Quote from mcmustang :Is that normal ?

It depends entirely on your computers other specifications as well, such as GPU, CPU and so on.
Not knowing these detail, we can not possible answer your question.
I toched some thing in the memory and now I cant run LFS :yikes:
now I must drive in real :rally_dri
Vista, 512 Mb... 8 fps

Yesterday we had a guy with a laptop here doing a Celeron D with Sis *cough* GPU chipset doing 10 fps

It gets crazier by the day.

Vista, 512 Mb... Even Solitaire doesn't run properly on such a config
Really Dav?

Also... Vista... 512 mb..... Someone missed the vista needs about 1gb by itself memo.

I think for kicks I'm gonna try and run solitaire with 128 mb of ram on vista.. if it starts..
Well... in case any of you wonder.

I tried with 193 MB RAM but W7 won't boot like that...
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Quote from MadCatX :I tried with 193 MB RAM but W7 won't boot like that...

Set pagefile to fixed size and disable graphical booting, it'll boot with 192 MB that way
The bootsplash and framebuffer drivers apparently take up a helluva lot of RAM. I got it to boot with as low as 160 MB with graphical boot off, anything lower than that and you hit the ramdisk size limit. I wonder how slow would it be on a real machine as the RAM was absolutely full all the time
anyone else find it slightly misogynistic that vista is apparently a she?

Omg !!!
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