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Quote from PMD9409 :
Not for long. You hear about the big merger?

Our motto is 3 your mind, not go smoke a fat spliff and get high...
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Grats both! Great guy and great driver!
Thats my son! Grats Joe!
Congrats Joe,best of luck to you mate! And really nice to see My3id growing so fast and not forgeting LFS
Nice signing. 3id is gonna be unstoppable in GT2WS and IGTC.

pietter - :cookiemon
Good luck for both
grats Joe
AsnL! u stolen my avatar!
Grats Joe!
Good luck Joe! time to win and do some WR's
uh-oh, now no matter what cheat you will use, you will lose now 100% as when that UF1-God is in that team...

damn it... anyway grats, gl & hf remember that virtual alcoholic is not same as real one mate
Grats Joe, good luck
congratz Joe !
joo njub.

Congratulations I see My3id is getting stronger.
Grats!! 3id is getting too strong..
good luck joe
26, October 2011

The latest additions to an ever-strengthening lineup for My3id Gaming arise in the form of two highly talented German drivers, André Böttcher and Martin Krönke. Both already have well established careers in the sim racing world, and look set to go from strength to strength in the years to come. Read more

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Martin, I see you from behind first time. If it's your head. Damn sexy.

Wish GL & HF in 3id to both of you...
Great signings, good luck for both sides!
parabens a hugo luiz pela vitoria

My3id's LFS division continues with winning GT2 World Series, OLFSL and OWRL S2 titles in the strongest year so far....
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Autmun LFS report

Good read anyway..
Nice read. Keep it up 3id!

My3id Gaming: News
(835 posts, started )