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Just tried my first race in the williams, what a mess, at the start i got a good start guy infront brakes, i brake 1 car dives down the inside over the dirt, then someone on the outside decided to clip my wheel on the way past, ruined the car, spent 2 mins in the pits, get back out guy makes a mistake and i get his slipstream up to the corkscrew and brake pretty late in the corkscrew on the outside, he divebombs then goes spinning everywhere through the corkscrew and i just avoided him.

Next lap going up to the corkscrew again someone made a mistake and i was closing in someone span at the top of the corkscrew infront of us so we slowed down and just as we're passing the guy infront manages to spin with his front wing touching the other guys rear wing so i have a blocked path and nowhere to go!!!!

Not impressed at all... Demo has better standards than this.
Pearcy that's week 13, even rookies can drive the FW31. That's why so many people dislike week 13.
LOL from the view of an outsider
Quote from aroX123 :No problem, nice that you had a good time, F1 at limerock is on soon, anyone jumping in? pw is cookies

Most retarded combo ever.

I'll be spectating that for the lulz
Can someone gift me the F1 car?
I think I'm gonna save money for a Miata... it's so pretty.
Anyone setting up a session? :P
Anyone gifting me the F1 car?
Can get a Mk1 MX5 for a few hundred quid, probably drive better than the newer ones aswell (less power, but less weight).
f1 at limerock is not very much fun.

We need more tracks. I can't wait for spa and suzuka
Will anyoe gift me the formula 1 car?
It`s from hosted Ant..but still...78
Quote from mcintyrej :Christ, I thought my laptime was nearly perfect! You using the default setup?

With default set I've done 1.40.2.... someone did a 1.39.6 (they helped develop the car and race it in real life though )

What a cracking little car it is. Wasted on the rookie series.
Again today?!
Moar mx5!!!
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