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From what year you are a LFS-player?
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Poll : From what year you are a LFS-player

Very Beginning
Quote from dadge :
i used to play the demo on my dads atari 2600. i also had it on betamax

No shit!? Me too!
Wow... is it really possible that I've been around here since 2004? That's six years, right? God the time really flies...
2003. I had a demo account named skyline_gtr, but I forgot about it and later created this one. Just recently I found out I had that other one from 2003 lol.
I rememeber the demo from probably 2003 and played it a little, but didn't have a wheel.

I then got a wheel in 2007, and while wondering what games there were for it remembered the demo I'd played years ago.
My account date says it. I didn't really pick up a controller to play until June of 2008, and for me, those were the times. Now, I just don't find it as appealing. S2 - August 2009. And here I am now, anxious for the new stuff. I guess it is a habit of checking if anything new is out, everyday. TBH, it doesn't seem like such a long time ago that I played LFS, but it is almost 3 years now =), what a time
#31 - robt
Think it was when S1H was released for me, found it on blackhole motorsports too.
started Jan? 2006, bought license 14th/15th august 2007
All you oldies need to race more.. Alot of the forum go-ers don't race until something happens, That's not sportsman/sportswoman like!

I think I started doing LFS at 2008, Vob. modded the game, Then at 2009 got more serious, Got into online stuff, Now in 2010 I have no Vob. mods ( But texture mods ) And am very happy to say I have S2
Demo in August 02. ordered S1 in 03 due to lack of way to pay. been here ever since. 8 years :eek:
found it after googleing racing simulators for like a day straight, and on yahoo answers someone recomended LFS, so i checked it out, and fell in love

check my join date, thats dead on.
Found it in '07 and went from demo to S2 straight away.

I discovered it via a thread on ovalchat, a banger racing forum, and as i was fairly heavily involved in SoD (a modified version of carma2 that had banger tracks and cars in) i used to do skinning and the odd conversion to carma2 intended car models and make em suitable for use in SoD (lada riva and a cortina were the main 2 i did, plus a volvo 240 saloon) which was fun, you can also tinker about with the cars .txt files many settings for various bits to produce things like silly ride heights or interesting handling,which was a laugh.

But theres only so much you can do with a game that old, no matter how much you mod it, plus it didnt work online (i think it does now but, meh) so a few people were on the hunt for something better that worked online and where you could make an oval track to race on, and the cars actually drove like cars, and LFS + BL carpark fitted the bill, so one lad (cap27 on here) started a server up called - -Lfs Bangers- - and as they say, the rest is history!
When I was 14 a friend at school told me about it, I checked out the demo later that year I liked it so much I bought it with mums credit card.

Now 21 still playing
#38 - aoun
Got the demo of this game in 04. Was S1 licenced in 05 i believe and upgraded to s2 the day it was released. I still remember waiting for s2.
<--- whatever my join date says
Found it on BH Motorsports back in around 2004, but didn't really took it seriously. Then in 2005 I bought my license, but only started playing in 2006 when I got my Momo.
First version I ever downloaded was 0.1E in early October, 2002. So not quite the very beginning (i.e. 0.04 in August), but damn close.

I was a senior in high school. Someone on MCO (Motor City Online, a racing MMO) mentioned LFS. I played racing games with a flight stick back then. MCO got closed the following year, though after trying it again briefly shortly before, I didn't miss it. I was like, "damn, the physics in this game suck compared to LFS."

Back in my day, we only used 3 gears to keep the GTT's supremely laggy turbo spooled up! You think the turbos are laggy now...

You wouldn't believe the trails of smoke pouring off tires at the end of Blackwood's back straight... No tire temps, no fuel consumption, no cockpit sound muffling, extremely basic suspension modeling where car camber = wheel camber, no bump stops... I could go on.
Sometime in 2002 or 2003. Was just googling "driving simulator" or something similar, before that I was playing Viper Racing (ah, the memories) in 2000/2001. Had an old Thrustmaster wheel or something, good times. After the forum moved here from the RSC forums it took me a while to clue in that the real forums were here for some reason. I think I ran LFS offline for probably a ridiculous amount of time before I ever went online with it as well, kind of strange.

I still remember when I first bought S1 and felt the LX6 steering go light (had a Momo by then) when I mashed the throttle from the weight transferring to the rear. It was an unprecedented sensation back then, I literally stopped and started a whole bunch of times just to test that out.
a cd called 101 game demos. back in 2004. i used a joystick and then got a saitek r440 for £20. job done.
I first found it on a cover CD of PC Zone (god rest its soul), I think back in 2003, maybe 2005. Google says 2005.
I tried it and because I was on a keyboard I couldn't use the RWD cars so never really did much with it. Couple of years later my little brother reminded me of it and we both decided to buy copies at the same time.

The rest, as they say, is hysterical.
Tried it the first time at a friends house (EsCoRt RaLLy) a few days after christmas-eve 2007 and got the game myself a few days after new years-eve 2008. Was never a demo'er since I already tried S2 so I got it right away
2002-2003 playing from time to time, from 2005 to 2006 i was playing on demo for "real", in 2006 i bought S2 and playing till today.
22nd September be precise, the day I became a member of Racesimcentral
#48 - senn
2002 or 2003. I can't remember it was many computers and versions ago. Tried to look up my old rsc account but it looks like they deleted a lot of old users
so whats so special about 2006? huge patch was released or something?
Quote from majod :so whats so special about 2006? huge patch was released or something?

2005 was S2, so it could have taken time for people to join after seeing that release.

As far as patches go:

And as well the BF1 was released in 2006. So 2006 was a pretty successful year.

From what year you are a LFS-player?
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