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The Truth about LFS S2 ?
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The Truth about LFS S2 ?

Been new for quite a while, just bought me a S2 license.
The reason I did this was because, I wanted more tracks and cars online.
Also people complain and complain about the Demo racers and servers.

Well sorry but the S2 Scene I just was able to discover 2 days straight sucks even more than Demo.... The people were LESS friendly.... Faster cars tap you ever slightly off track while they can pass you whenever they want or if you're respecting the blue flag for them.

The people I have come across on S2 are arrogant, selfish and no clean racers at all... There are some that race clean and are friendly, but a lot more on Demo servers...
Yes you have annoying people on demo servers, but not on the right ones...
With S2 there is no right public server. they all suck, and there are like 2 or 3 with people on it....
If you ask me... it's better to play offline than to see the real online public scene behind LFS.
I know there are a lot of leagues, but that doesn't change anything.... LFS S2 is not for mediocre sim racers who enjoy it now and then....

Sorry but S2 was my WORST BUY EVER!!!!!

PS: all of you who are saying LFS is dying because of lack of patch... I think it's off lack of fair, fun people who just want to race clean and improve themselves with others. But almost everyone (crash server or not) is a crasher nowadays...
If you keep locking the "good" people away in private leagues only, then LFS will surely die, because not anyone is good enough or patient enough to play between some idiot 12 year old while trying to improve to join a league...
Sorry for my rampage...
I guess you should just leave then. you have no idea.

S2 people are friendly, active. and you wanna know the best thing of all? you get hardly any rammers!
You've done 5 laps on an S2 track. Come back when you can talk out of something other than your arse.

It's funny, we did random combos with a few races at each on Sunday, and left the server open to noobs, of which quite a few joined, plus those who were a bit laggy. Ok it was sometimes a mess at first but after a couple of races people were sensible enough, giving room and receiving enough room back, meaning good racing.
#4 - troy
He's probably right to some extend, as a new user in lfs where do you go first? The most populated server. So you start at the back and get rammed/crashed/turned around by people who don't have any race craft at all, I can understand that it's frustrating to start off your lfs career like that. All I can say to the original poster: don't give up take it easy if you start in the back on crowded servers and laugh about all the noobs crashing in front of you, once you manage to get in the upper midfield driving standards are a lot better.
With that kind of behaviour (coming to the forums and straightly telling that 98% of the S2 licensed people are crap), all I can say is: Good luck in finding any friends in the game. The ones you say are friendly are maybe the 2% that are like you. You sure didn't give me a chance to be patient and nice to you with all that crap talk.

So, yeah, good luck.
Quote from lolzol :[...]

I'm not even going to go into how ironic it is to form a definitive opinion from 3 races on 2 servers, and to proceed with a comment about patience.

You have the right to your opinion, but may I suggest you heed your own advice if you so intensely dislike your experience
How do you know how many S2 races I've really been in or seen?
Also I do not really always pick the crowded ones, I know how messed up those can be.

That aside, please do not get me wrong.
I'm not stating 98% of S2 drivers are crap. I've never even met 2%. But I think I'm right when I say 80-90% of S2 drivers are on Private servers or closed servers. This has to be so if you look at there only being 50-70 people on S2 servers. Ofcourse there are sometimes more people as well. But mostly around 50 while there are 200-300 people with S2 racing...

My feeling is that there is a bigger % of people crashing on the public servers than on the private ones. Problem is that most of us have to improve on the public ones, because we're not good enough on the private ones.

So what I'm trying to say is buying a S2 license before you're good enough to join private servers is kinda a waste of money for people like me.
Same threads everyday. I think this is a new trend: Mobbing, but in personal basis.
Not trying to nitpick here, but since you asked..
Quote from lolzol :How do you know how many S2 races I've really been in

Quote :just bought me a S2 license.

Quote :2 days straight

- Online Race Results
- lolzol
- 8th and 9th

On topic: so late into the latest big patch isn't the best time to be new, in LFS, or in any online game that I've played. I'd probably get bored poopless relatively quickly too. When the next patch plays out, more fresh blood and reinvigoration will ensue, and public server racing shall be plentiful.
Quote from lolzol :How do you know how many S2 races I've really been in or seen?

Every s1/s2 licence holder has stats saved on lfsworld showing where, when and how many laps you completed in what car, how much fuel you used even your position, in short everything you do online in lfs is tracked.
LFSWorld is a very powerfull and usefull feature.

Please do not tar and feather all us S2 racers with the same brush as you've used for the ones you encountered, join more servers take time to introduce yourself in the chat, ask for help or a setup and see what happens.

Good luck with S2 hopefully its worth it for you in the end.


EDIT beaten by NAI
@ ADX.14 I can imagine everyone is whining about their problems with the game in their own way. So let's close this topic with this:

A plead for more public servers with more tracks and people who like to drive crashy and ignore flags, should just stay on the appropriate servers.
That there are closed leagues is natural, but if all the best racers only keep to those, the less good won't taste their skills.

Don't want to have to buy another license for the elite gang of LFS

@SparkyDave I knew that, but if you have friends with S2 you can race there sometimes as well... and watch too... just saying.
Quote from lolzol :
So what I'm trying to say is buying a S2 license before you're good enough to join private servers is kinda a waste of money for people like me.

Not true at all! There are many beginners leagues in LFS. Many people who joined us were pretty new to lfs and got fed up of public racing, cause it just sux. I don't race on public servers at all. It has no worth at all! Try to look around for other then public races ;-)
Maybe you've just had a bit of bad luck then. Maybe just the admins in those servers you joined were offline at that time. Get some more experience. I know that my server is probably nothing but crash-pie all over when there is nobody to keep an eye on the situation. But when I, or some other admin joins everyone seem to be sooo clean and careful, except the stupid ones that think they can get away with everything.
Quote from lolzol :How do you know how many S2 races I've really been in or seen?

LfS World. Shows your stats. As of writing this, you drove 2 laps on South City long reverse and 5 laps on Aston historic. rest is demo content (thus propably on a demo server). It doesn't show how many races you've seen though.

Other than that, you might not have chosen to get the best start in this community. But rest assured that this community is one of the friendliest around. Of course we also have our fair share of retards, asshats and idiots, and even one of those can ruin the whole race for anybody on the server, but that can't be helped on non admined public servers.
Also, shunts and punts might happen with no time to apologize during a race, so try not to take them personal, as they might be accidents rather than deliberate tries to push you off the track.

Lastly, try to get on good terms with some teams and rce on closed servers. Much friendlier there than on publics.
this mushroom threads are really boring !!!
All of you are saying to race on closed servers so I shall, even if that is what I pity somewhat... if you catch my drift...

@ColeusRattus read 2-3 posts above...

@Jpeace I'm more like little scum instead of Elite I think. It's just a thought of mine that LFS has a Elite gang that closes off from the LFS world completely.
I dont tend to race alot online due to using an older laptop at the minute, but I find that most S2 licensed drivers are pretty sound to race with and can be quite helpful if you have problems etc.

There is always going to be the odd little gimp wanting to crash and mess around, just gotta ignore it and laugh at them for being so childish.
Get some more experience and try to find a good server to race on before coming on here to tar everyone with the same brush mate.
These threads get annoying, especially when they are posted by a newbie who obviously doesn't have a clue what he/she is talking about.

Less whining, more racing
You just need to find a proper good server, with active administrators capable of handling the crashers, and altruistic racers.

You should check out Off course there are some egoists there now and then, but most of the racers there are polite and skilled.
Racing in S2 is 90% of the time good fun and 5% of the time amazing fun. Sometimes yes you have a few angry miserable people, and so what... just get on with it and stop just dipping your foot into S2 and try jumping in at the deep end.
as someone who hasn't used LFs for a while maybe i can offer a slightly less empassioned repsonse to the original post.

yes there are some idiots with S2 licences but they are in the minority and tend to hand around certain tracks / servers. there are no hard and fast rules about which ones, but take a bit of time to try a few and you'll soon find the ones without idiots (or at least those that are admined effectively) most of the servers / drivers on LFS s2 are fair and clean

south city due to it's nature tends to become an accidental wreck fest, ( think monaco but where the drivers are a lot more likely to attempt to pass) the problem is that a slight contact causes a car to move sideways and then they hit the wall. similarly aston historic has a few sections that invite passing manuveurs but tend to lead to contact.

don't judge all s2 holders just by the ones you've met so far, i'm sure someone could probably work out how many you've raced against compared to how many s2 licence holders there are but rest assured it's a very small sample group to make sweeping judgements on all S2 holders abilities.
lolzol you are completly wrong with almost everything you say here, and your biggest mistake was to draw all this conclusions from 9 laps in 2 days in the middle of the week

and you beeing slower some 20sec a lap than the rest also didn't help to avoid any problems you had, so take this into consideration too

before you judge something in public at least get to know it first
You are just frustrated that you are slow lol!
Probably crashed out by his own mistake and just blamed it on another driver.
stop going to an AS3/GTR server and go to some closer server, subscribe a league, learn tracks, learn cars, setup...and you gonna see

There are some good server on LFS S2, you only need to find it
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The Truth about LFS S2 ?
(61 posts, closed, started )