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2010 RSC Round 2: Race Discussion
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2010 RSC Round 2: Race Discussion
C'mon chaps, its only tomorrow!

PMs will be sent tomorrow night. The people who showed up for last round will get priority, because well...that's the kindest way to do it.
vroemmm vroemmm vroemmm o shit bl1r thats gonna be kaaaboem.
#3 - P1lot
I'd like to give a plee to those that didn't have a good first event to stick with it. South City was always going to be tight and awkward
There's good racing to be had here
+1 on that, though i dont think the rac/fz5 will be 100% fairly balanced here it will be alot closer now with the long straight
I had a terrible couple of races in the first round, and i'll definately be there, it's LRF on BL1r for crying out loud, thats like the best combo evaaahhh!!
I will not be there today sadly Good luck to all of you!
I should be there
PMs have been sent, if you think you should be getting one and you haven't please PM me. Don't forget about the 2 strikes rule folks!
I and Lims will be there, as usual. Don't know about Niko anyway, but I guess he'll do it if he's not lying drunk somewhere
OK, every avaliable driver please PM me for the password.

Well I'm sorry but I will have to withdraw, sorry for late notice.
School reports went terrible and now I get private tuition every tuesday and thursday at 8 o'clock. Although I'd probably get the first race in I need to be prepared for these classes so sorry I wont be here.
I will sign out from the league but if I every have a thursday off I'll be sure to race.
Good luck with the season and fair play for running it.
i'm unhappy because i didn't race well. i hadn't trained and was without race setup so i had problems with tires in the two races. sorry if i did something wrong, but if i can race in TBOC i will be more trained
Cheers and go to the next race if possible
#15 - troy
Very nice racing for me tonight, completely knackered will probably write up a small report tomorrow. More of this in 2 weeks please.
I'm finding it a struggle to get up to speed in LFS these days, and going into this race without practice hurt me quite a lot. Qualifying wasn't very good at all, though I was lucky to not place lower than 4th.

The sprint race was more of the same, where again my driving was pretty messy, but with Niall unfortunately timing out, I was able to get 3rd.

I only managed to get my pace sorted over half way through the main race, by which time Troy had passed me. I knew I still had a good chance to catch and re pass him if I got my head down, and the last several laps were very intense, I felt as though we really couldn't have been pushing any harder, and I just couldn't get enough slipstream to make a pass before the end, so another 3rd place it was.

Grats to Rudy though, again flawless performance, me and Troy have our work cut out if we're gonna fight for the champ!
Pretty bad round in my return to a Road Sport event after a looong time (guess I just raced in the first Winter season). But it's good to be back.

Had a good qualify with a PB, but both races were quite messy.

The Sprint race ended in the first lap when I forgot FZ5s brake earlier than me, tapped Fuse while braking for the chicane (sorry!), spun, rejoined in last. Did some good laps but made too many mistakes.

I enjoy long races so was looking forward to the Feature. It started ok, had a good pace but spun by myself again in the same place. Had some good and bad moments but again I felt I had the pace to be fighting with Yann but ended kinda last due to countless mistakes. Still had fun though!
Oh I had an incident with someone after the last corner (don't remember who it was.. I guess the contact was my fault so sorry about that!).

Next one will be my last, as my vacations will be over after that. See you guys there.
I have to admit, coming into round 2 after the shambles of round 1 last week, i was pessimistic to say the least, it seems though, that i needn't have worried...

Qualifying went reasonably well for me, even after an hour or two's practice during the week before hand, i PB'd two or three times during the session, handing me a familiar middle of the order start

Sprint race was the most fun i'd had in LFS for quite a while. After getting an ok start, i lost a position to J.Kursk as my Concept teammate powered past the inside of me over the brow of the T1 hill.
I don't remember when i re passsed him though, as the battle that followed which involved me, A.Pettigrew, J.Vertanen, and i think M.Neiva, was properly intense for a couple of laps until we got past M.Neiva and pulled out a small gap. That left J.Vertanan, me and A.Pettigrew battling it out for 6th spot for the remaining 12 or 13 laps.
We were all pretty much bumper to bumper for the remainder of the race, and my numerous attepmts to get past J.Vertanen failed as he was holding a really good line down the back straight every lap, scuppering my chances of slipping past. Meanwhile, A.Pettigrew (who i was talking to on TS during the race) was struggling to latch onto the back of me every lap down the back straight, to keep up with us in his RAC.
So, i had to settle for a 7th spot finish in the end, but i'm more than happy with that because of the thouroughly enjoyable race.

Feature race wasn't very exciting for me, starting from 3rd of 4th because of the reversed top 10 grid, i was slightly battered and bruised after the faster guys had got back past me. There was an incident which involved me, G.Burton and K.Leu at T1. Basically we were going over the brow of the hill, 3 wide, with me in the middle and G.Burton to my left, we touched which sent me into K.Leu, knocking him off track into the gravel. Thankfully though he kept it rolling and carried on with his race.
I spent the majority of the race alone with J.Vertanan a few car lengths ahead, he slowly pulled away from me during the course of the race though, as i was for some reason half a second off my sprint race pace.
Anyways, another 7th place finish it was for me.

Hoping for more of this next round. This is what the RSC should be, and generally always has been. Although it was a smaller grid, i believe everyone out there was your typical gentleman driver, and this resulted in us not having any of the silly stuff from round 1.
Looking forward to round 3
Not chuffed with my timeout, Niall joining the server (for no reason?) seconds before is strangley cooincidental though.

Racing was good and clean at the rear of the field, and I would like to thank L.Chebbi for not passing me after a bit of contact...very sporting of you

Hopefully the rest of the rounds will be like this, how the RSC should be
Again i had a great time in the race.

Quali: pb and ended up 7th just 0.1sec off and would have been 2 places higher though.

Sprint: Doughty pretty much summed it up allready. Great battles through out the race. Way too much watching the mirror though

Feature: Once more clean and good racing. Just couldn't stop the faster guys overtaking as in laps 8-12 was really strugling with my tires.

To sum it up racing was great, only dissapointed about my own pace. Felt like i had better pace during my couple practice runs and couldn't get the same speed out of myself as before. Could have been that tried pushing too hard and slightly ruined my tires more and that hurt my times in the early laps. Trying to get to top 5 seems to be the goal still. See you next race, oh and Doughty its supposed to be Virtanen .
Yeah It was good race!
I was too soft and too much carefull ,because of for example D.Williams lags, that everytime someone overtook me. But when I want to overtake the whale in outside of the T3, Whale did a small touch on my side and one side geometry was cracked
But nice ballance between these cars
It was nice to see that in race pace, excluding the first few laps the cars were 'pretty' close.

quali: Went oke, thought i had enough for pole wenn niall went faster then my time from that moment, so again the quali fuel in and gave it a go and was able to take the pole.

sprint race: good start and could make a small gap, it looked like niall was on almost the same pace but wenn he timed out it gave me some breathing space and i could maintain p1.

main race: Starting from p10 i could keep that into the first turns and overtake some fz5's but on the straight the came from everywhere! realy i saw them 3 or 4 wide coming and realy had no change at all with the rac, but after some laps it setteld down and i could hunt down the fz5 that took the lead and created a gap, few laps later i catched him and he let me passed?! well, oke he didnt gave any fight but oke.. after that i could keep a steady pace and drive to the victory.

next race we1r, i think the fz5's will be the fastest there atleast in quali, race pace i dont know how well the can keep there tires.

Bring it up guys !
#23 - CSF
Quote from Bean0 :Not chuffed with my timeout, Niall joining the server (for no reason?) seconds before is strangley cooincidental though.

Yeah we thought so too, hence why we kicked him shortly after.
It was an ok races for me, and the fact that ive run out of fuel at the last corner last lap of the sprint race, made it quite exiting for me to race until the finish line without fuel retaining my position by just few centimeters from the car behind.

You welcome Bean0, and thx to you to for a clean and nice fights

2010 RSC Round 2: Race Discussion
(30 posts, started )