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2010 RSC Round 1: Race Discussion
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2010 RSC Round 1: Race Discussion
Hey Folks,

I will send the PMs out before 6pm GMT tomorrow evening due to basically being neck deep in work tonight. Due to this, I will be quite lenient with the 2 strikes rule for this round. Sorry for the lateness of these, but as I said, I don't have acres of time on a week to sort things

None the less, the server will remain unpassworded until late on tomorrow evening before the race, so you can still get on and practice.

See y'all tomorrow for hopefully, some great racing at South City
Ok PMs have been sent. Please contact me if you didn't recieve one and you feel you should have. PLEASE be prompt tonight so that we don't have the same minor fail the TBOC we had on Saturday. Reserves please keep an eye out here for further instructions at around 6:45pm GMT.

OK, any reserve drivers avaliable please PM me for the password. The first 9 will be permitted to race. COME ON! =D
I want to thank NDR for this cup but the first combo was not for me. Maybe i'll catch you on the next one
Bloody weather changes the slightest bit and I time out.. GRR ISP
Ok, I really can't be asset to the ROAD class. I don't really enjoy it either. Sorry guys .

Especially sorry to A. Pettigrew, sorry for the incident mate . Thought there was a room but G forces pushed me outta.

Ok first things first, last season was brilliant and was only hoping to do better this time around. Now having some experience with the RAC.

But no... Nothing changes...

Ok fair enough Drift king, I was really annoyed at the start when it happend since I lost everything and had to continue from the back. But now looking at it ok easy mistake.

And for NIKI, thats some crazy choices in overtaking... More like pushing your way past. There happend to be slow cars ahead because of someone spinning. So next time why don't you think before trying to push your way past every car infront....

hmm what else to complain about.

Oh yeah... the idiot who thinks its ok to move over on someone making a pass on the outside... Result I spin. Game over..

Good night.
Quote from adamlfs :Ok first things first, snip


I really hope this isn't going to carry on through the season, if it's the same next round then i'm out i'm afraid. RSC used to be fun, but serious, tonight was, well, not so fun
Hopefully this first round will weed out the guys that cannot drive the LRF class, and future rounds will be a little less chaotic...
Quote from GFresh :This.

I really hope this isn't going to carry on through the season, if it's the same next round then i'm out i'm afraid. RSC used to be fun, but serious, tonight was, well, not so fun
Hopefully this first round will weed out the guys that cannot drive the LRF class, and future rounds will be a little less chaotic...

Don't worry, we're just as dismayed at some of the behaviour some racers have shown, and yes, we'll be working to sort through it. Protests are welcome to help point us to incidents we need to look at.
Quote from GFresh :Hopefully this first round will weed out the guys that cannot drive the LRF class, and future rounds will be a little less chaotic...

You'd hope.

I've always wondered why the RSC was always perceived to be a really clean series, when others were full of wreckers, and it's of course because the n00bs are scared of driving it and so you only get the pros who actually can drive cleanly - lets hope we get the n00bs out for the rest of the season

And also, I've seen some pretty good racing and overtaking so far - much better than at some other events I've seen
Quali - P15 with new PB.

Race 1 - Got punted off by Reno at lap 1, rejoined around 20th place, climbed to 11th, finished a few tenths behind Reno in the end.

Race 2 - Got passed by a few cars at the first lap, but got the 11th position back easily after a few laps. Gained two positions after Reno's roll and Fredrik's pitstop, to finish 9th, 25 seconds behind the car in front and 25 seconds in front of the car behind me, after having spent the most part of my race alone.

"Meh" event in the end, as most of the evening was a bit uneventful for me(especially the feature race), and because the whole business sucked a lot for my teammate. But at least, I fullfild my aim : to get points

PS1 : Try to take it easy in the opening lap guys. I know these are quite frustrating for most of you because of the big difference between the cars(RACs are like annoying mosquitos for FZ5 drivers while the FZ5 is like an enormous boat for RAC users), but remember, these are long races, so you have plenty of time to make a pass, especially since there is quite a big difference of pace in the field.

PS2 : A small notice to Mr. Arsenovic : When you get to serve a blue flag, please don't slow down in the middle of the racing line(especially when you're situated in a narrow section!), but slow down and put your car outside the racing line in order to not disturb the guy trying to pass you. Thanks
adamlfs: lolboy, please drink some tea then come back and try to slag off people, all right?

So what happened is that there was just enough room for me to jump in (and you of course with your bad eyesight can't see that), i tapped mr aobrien by accident, but no biggie he got it under control, so what happens, next is: You in your rage of thinking that I shouldn't have done that move are trying to squeeze me into the wall with lighter car, which of course doesn't work, so I got angry too and just stamp on the gas getting you out of my way (you wouldn't be even there if you didnt try this little revenge move) with my lovely tank.

oh edit: other than that lovely racing, good admining, congrats to winners, too bad fz5 was like 1 sec slower
Quote from N I K I :adamlfs: lolboy, please drink some tea then come back and try to slag off people, all right?

Stop it ladies.
Sorry Niki, but im not having a go at you. But you have to be honest it was way too close and neither of us wanted to back down.

Tbh Im kinda shocked to think that was in lap 1..

EDIT: Pah, whats the point then?

Sorry for spelling your name wrong, should I just go ahead a quit the league ?
haHA, you're not having a go at me and you just wrote my name with double k, what else to say
Good races!

Now to kill Dave for frustrating me in both races!

Gratz to Rudy for 2 flawless races
Quote from Klouczech :Session: Feature Race
Lap of Inicident and mpr Timecode: lap 19th. time 36:39:00
Cars Involved: 06 S.Baker, 08 P.Dolezal
Brief Description of Incident 06 S.Baker didnt let me (not only me) pass and I think he braked too late knowingly.

I was leaving plenty of space for you around the outside of 2 corners, the 2 left handers before the hairpin.
Quali - New pb and ended up 6th, felt could have gone slightly faster. Didn't get a good lap done in the end anymore.

Sprint - Great start managed to get the inside lane to T2 and got almost couple of spots higher. After few corners was 5th ahead Nial and behind Dave. Couple of laps tight defending and trying to cathup to the guys ahead. Then it started happening Dave got into passing F.Enersen and when the door opened i managed to sqeeze my car through there too. At the same time though Nial took advantage of this battling and managed to outbrake me to the T3. So remained 5th . Some sliding and messed up the rear tire well managed to cool it down and was just quick enough to keep the rest behind. 5th definedly not bad.

Feature - Starting 3rd, hectic couple of corners some small touches in T3 with nial. Ended me in the wall lost some places. Then the faster guys just kept coming past, first Rudy at the hairpin, well at this battle F.Enersen had gotten close enough and managed to use the same opening to get side by side. Small touch in the long right hander and we both end in the wall pretty hard. Again losing some places. Quite a lot of damage, but we both managed to keep pretty good pace for the rest of the race. More warming of the tires then it should have. Some point Troy appeared in the mirrors and kept him behind for couple of laps and then nice tight fight for the position. Good and clean like allways. Was 8th after Troy passed. Tried catching up to F.Enersen and he did a mistake wich ruined his car totally and got past him. Then Niki started gaining on me so had to hotlap almost the rest of the race to keep him far enough. Sweaty and fun race 7th.

Need to find some sort of boost to get those couple of extra tenths(seconds) to keep up with the podium guys. Well lets see in the next races
Quote from VTiRacing :Sorry about that.

Yeah, that's alright mate, this is racing, incidents like this can happen
#21 - troy
Qual went great for me, had some trouble to get my splits together but it just worked out in the last second, 2nd place and a pb.

Race1, dave misses his braking point in t1 and that's about all there is to tell, never saw him again, same with rudi he was just too fast today.

Race2 was more like it, lots of action for me in the first 15 laps. Couldn't avoid some my3id cars that got sideways just after split one, lost lots of places and rejoined in 10th or 11th. I knew I had the pace to make some of that up again so I started pushing as hard as I could and got on the back of jouman quite quickly, I already knew that he will be a tough one to overtake and it turned out just like I thought, couldn't get past him for what felt like eternity, when I finally got rid of his backside the top 5 train was already far ahead. A few laps later I could out-brake audimasta and then it was basically just hotlapping until the finish, got close to klouczech 2 laps before the end but he kept it cool and finished just in front of me.

Bring on Westhill, can't wait for more of this.
Qual vent very good for me, destroyed my old pb with over a second and startet fourth.

Race 1: It was just pretty crap. Big issues with the tyres, and lost many places during the first laps. Not a good race for me at all. Ended 8th.

Race2: After race 1 i asked Dave for his set and it felt much better than the one i used in race 1. Got through the little incident involving troy in the first lap, and was in sixth for quite some time. But although my pace was much better this time around, i was still a bit to slow and sloppy around the course. I had a small coming together with jouman which gave me a bit of front damage. It made the car feel pretty unstable under braking into t1.

Managed to stay infront of Jouman with a decent gap for a while, not driving very smood, but enough to keep him behind. After troy had passed jouman, troy passed me shortly after and i was down to 7th. I then vent hard into the wall in the tricky right hander after the back straight, and screwed up my susp pretty bad. Decided not to give up although the car was pretty undriveable and vent into the pits. Fell down to 12th iirc, and was keen on maybe gaining a couple of spots before the race finished. But just a couple of laps into my second "stint" i drove into the wall at the same place, wrecking my susp again. That was too much, and i gave up.

Was some good racing all in all, although i'm not happy about my pace. Hopefully it will be better next round
Quote from Bean0 :I was leaving plenty of space for you around the outside of 2 corners, the 2 left handers before the hairpin.

Bad. The one on the outside must be you. You was last but one, why you didnt brake more? You braked three close racers and you didnt any worries to loose your position. Nothing serious but I dont feel that it was right move from you. Sorry for my bad english.
Well that was actually quite good fun. I wasn't originally going to race on LFS besides MoE again until the new patch and focus on iRacing instead, but this league enticed me back.

Qual: I was hoping for better, but I couldnt quite string a great lap together and Troy took the 2nd spot infront at the very last minute.

Race 1: I timed out just before the race, and my bars were turning red just before the start, so I panicked a little thinking it was going to happen and outbraked myself into T1. This dropped me behind audimasta for a few laps, allowing Troy and Rudy to pull away. Their pace was very good, so I settled back for 3rd.

Race 2: I got a good start, and a good first lap, slotting into 3rd early on. I was just focusing on not overdoing things to keep the tyres nice while keeping the leading RAC's in my sights. Rudy showed up behind me before long, and I could only hold him off for so long, before he scampered past. This allowed me to catch the leader's and pass them to settle for a 2nd place finish. Niall also drove a good race and kept on my ass most of the way, so it's not a bad team result.

I think the cars were fairly matched in qualifying, maybe the RAC was a few tenths faster, but in the race with FZ tyre management Rudy was impossible to beat, so grats to him.
Was better than I expected tbh, I only did a few laps last night and a few before quali. So i was happy with 2nd best RAC

Race 1
This race was good fun. I only had 1 opportunity to pass Jouman and in hindsight, it was pretty stupid. Such a terrible place to attempt an overtake (t3). Anyway, I kinda felt like God how I managed to pull it off Next I caught up with Dave, and I was basically sniffing his hole for the remainder of the race, pretty frustrating but enjoyable overall. Position 4.

Race 2
Got a pretty decent start, and with Jouman, the only FZ, going wide at the hairpin I had a good feeling. Unfortunately I caught the draft of Gavin and had nowhere to go so let off and me and jouman were side by side going into T3. I locked up the front and my arse kicked out, prompting me to hit jouman. I gave his position back, but by doing so I left Dave and Fred through too. The next lap Fred and Jouman had a little coming together at the long right hander before the tight mid section, and I slipped through. Onto Dave then, was pretty much stuck behind him again for most of the race. We caught Gavin and Klouczech and then Gavin spun at final corner. I had a good battle with Klouczech for a few laps, then tried to overtake at T3, unfortunately, I tapped him and he spun. Then was behind Dave again for the last few laps.

2010 RSC Round 1: Race Discussion
(31 posts, started )