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60 Lap GP - KY Nat Reverse - 8th November 2009
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60 Lap GP - KY Nat Reverse - 8th November 2009
Ok we had this combo in January this year and we had half a grid, for various different reasons. I want to improve on that. So, 2 weeks notice, absaloutely fabulous combo, every time we have a GP here it seems to finish well, look forward to seeing a few signups

Server(s) hosted by

Please sign up via the links provided in the post if you want to race. Please let me know if you sign up and then find out you cannot make it.

Full Race Details Below:


Date: Sunday 8th November 2009
Time: Server Opens: 18:00 GMT
Open Qual: 18:30 GMT ("30 minutes Open Qualifying")
Race Start: 19:15 GMT
LFS Version: S2 Z (Latest patch to date will be applied before race day)

Server: ATC 60 Lap GP
Car: XFR
Track: KY National Reverse.

Conditions: No Wind, Clear skies.


THESE ARE ONLY GUIDELINES but please try to follow them:

1. Incidents: If you hit another driver and gain a position advantage it is good sportsmanship to allow that driver to retake his position. We do not expect you to stop racing. Use your head, give some courtosy.

2. Defensive driving: Blocking is all part of a great race. You are allowed to block other drivers from passing you as long as:

(1) No deliberate contact is made

(2) the other driver is NOT beside you. If the driver is already beside you DO NOT force that driver off of the track.


3. Exiting pits: When exiting pits make sure that it is clear before you enter onto the racing line. Use of the track map and the look left & right keys/buttons is recommended. If cars are approaching, do NOT leave the pit lane unless you are fighting for position - Please do NOT cross the pit exit line when leaving the pits unless there is an obstruction that makes it impossible not to do so.

4. Re-entering track: If you go off the track in a race DO NOT reset the car or drive back onto the track. You could possibly ruin another race in progress. Again, you should use your map and look controls to see if anyone is coming. If you do re-enter the track safely but are too slow and drivers are getting closer behind you... drive off the racing line, or if necessary, pull off to the side of the track to give room.

5. Car Damage / Fuel: If your car gets severely damaged in an incident and you want to try and make it back to the pit lane, then, drive off the racing line to let faster cars past. If you run out of fuel get off the racing line as soon as possible or pit right away. We recommend that you turn your hazard lights on to let other players know you are a caution on the track (press 9 on your keyboard. 0 to turn them off).

6. Contact: Rubbing and tapping are all parts or everyday racing, so, this is allowed as long as it doesn't harm anyone's race or gain you an advantage. Due to occasional lag, small taps may cause a major crash, so be careful!

7. Race Rules: If you are being lapped by leaders please let them pass you, when it is safe do to so ( i.e. not in the middle of a chicane ), and as quickly as possible. You should be told by an on screen message if you are being lapped, the words “Blue Flag� will be displayed.

8. Pitting: Pitting can become dangerous if you do not pay attention. It is required that you drive in the 'pit lane' used to enter and exit the pits. Don't drive straight across every pit box, instead go to the furthest available pitbox. - This will allow more drivers to pit safely on the same lap(s)

9. Deliberate Corner Cutting: Deliberate Corner cutting is not liked. Please dont do it.

If a driver who has entered the race is unable to attend on the day it is upto THAT DRIVER to find a replacement to drive for him and to let ATC Franky500 know about the change as soon as it is known. (e-mail: If the driver is unable to find a replacement then a reserve driver will be given the space.

This is a FUN event, Some racers may provide Race stats or replays if they wish, however there is no gaurantee that there will be any posted.

To enter the event please fill in the form HERE

Currently 14 Confirmed Drivers. That leaves 18 spaces left.

Confirmed Drivers:
ATC Franky500

dt.Aidas S.
dt.Danas L.
dt.Giedrius O.

4SRT O.Hardwick
[COLOR="Olive"]JD Cano
JD Alan9283[
Rytis B.
#2 - Etem
is there a prize?
#3 - dadge
yes, you get to cross the line first if you win.
#4 - garph
Why would there be a prize?
#5 - Danas
I hope there will be more people registering to the event
aim in
Cant make this one I afraid fellas..... I will be on warm (read hot) beach somewhere around the Carribean
#8 - dadge
Costa del Blackpool?
I'll try to make it to KyNatRev
thats 8 so far, Keep em coming
This clashes with olfsl I wanted to race but now i can't sry
#12 - VoiD

Signed up
JD will be there
Im not sure if i can make it, if possible, can i be put on a reserves register, so if i can turn up and the grid is not full its no problem.


Quote from franky500 :Open Qual: 18:30 GMT ("30 minutes Open Qualifying")

Open Qualifying means shift+p allowed...right?
Normally yes
sounds tempting.
very tempting

15 Signed up now, Keep em coming.
Thing is I prolly can't tell you before an hour of the Race or so.
no worries, you will be welcome im sure, so long as there is space left (im sure there will be but.. u never know )
sorry can't come to event... Unsigme
#24 - VoiD
Sorry guys, but I have to unsign for this event.

I can´t get my LFS under win7 to work.
Less framerates, crappy gfx, random freezes ....something went seriously wrong!
ill be there

60 Lap GP - KY Nat Reverse - 8th November 2009
(32 posts, started )