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*SONG* Hotlapper
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great song... it's now on the list of 25 top played on itunes
how can i download it?
I like it!
I like it too!
It's really good arranged, a proper LFS song!
EDIT: I'm right now listening to your other songs.

Rammschwein is really cool, especially the text.
speed sppeeed sppeed that's all i need... ! great song
AHahaha, amazing, really.
Really well put together. Nice wee catchy tune too. Great use of the Vocoder.

awesome !!
HAR HAR! LOVE IT~! great work!!
WOW ! A.W.E.S.O.M.E !!!!!!!!

your song is addictive ! where can i download it ( both versions ) ???? i so gotta show this to my friends ... =D
Quote from el pibe :where can i download it ( both versions ) ????

Right click the links and select "save as".
Haha, that's great! Really catchy
Oh my god! I just can't explain how good it sounds. The rhythm is so sticky, it leaves on my tongue. The hot-e-lapper the hotty hotlappa... Awesome, truly awesome! :headbang::bowdown:
Uuuhh??? One-Year-Ago-Bump? Thanks for the comments!

@Believer: All done in Logic :rock_band
really good song, i like it. :]
Great song. I really love it !
yes, i bump it again. flame me if you want.

the song is in my ipod now... =D

if i have time, i might do a video for the song.....
Superb, I can't get it out of my mind :headbang:
Priceless. Straight to the iTunes folder.

PS I mix records for a living. That was excellently produced.
Awesome, such high quality.
I really like the tune.
haha, great!

that's going in my sig.
Cool Song
First of all sorry for the bump, but:

Anyone got a working link to the German version?
I smiled throughout the whole of the song, was so fun to listen too!

*SONG* Hotlapper
(89 posts, started )