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S2 licensed
Thanks for your words and effort.

A gift._

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Thanks as always, Bishtop.

An older work I made some time ago. Enjoy:



Original post:

S2 licensed
Revolution Pack june 24th._

- Skies in high resolution.
- Landscapes in high definition.
- Reflections (for old versions 0.6F or oldest).

Preview video._




Photorealistic Reflections
LFS/data/dds (0.6f or oldest versions).

To understand better the downloads and how is the selection inside the options:

1. Generic + South City (inside this file you can choose Clear Day option A + Cloudy Afternoon option A)+ Obligatory Generic reflections.
2. Generic + South City (inside this file you can choose Clear Day option A + Cloudy Afternoon option B)+ Obligatory Generic reflections.
3. Generic + South City (inside this file you can choose Clear Day option B + Cloudy Afternoon option B)+ Obligatory Generic reflections.
4. Generic + South City (inside this file you can choose Clear Day option B + Cloudy Afternoon option A)+ Obligatory Generic reflections.

5. Concrete + South City (inside this file you ca choose Clear Day option A + Cloudy Afternoon option A)+ Obligatory Generic reflections.
6. Concrete + South City (inside this file you ca choose Clear Day option A + Cloudy Afternoon option B)+ Obligatory Generic reflections.
7. Concrete + South City (inside this file you ca choose Clear Day option B + Cloudy Afternoon option B)+ Obligatory Generic reflections.
8. Concrete + South City (inside this file you ca choose Clear Day option B + Cloudy Afternoon option A)+ Obligatory Generic reflections.

Original thread:
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Quote from cr4zyFiST :Just saw your nice interior for the FZ5. Could you share the link for it please?

Needs more work to release. Rear part of the interior and revision of the front and rear lights.

There is in the planning.

Now I'm watching if FXO Turbo Mugen needs revision of the interior:

Click for enlarge to 1920 x 1080.

Lights are correct:

If I work, every time, in the same car it can be tired and boring.
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Thanks for the feedbacks.


More pics:
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Thanks. Noted!
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Last work.

FZ50 Default Skin low position of the diffuser and hot effect on the exhaust pipe.


More pics of the development:
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Interesting comment and links.

Thanks Ripley.
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Much appreciated, Chunking.

Thank you.
Most recent: Last week on theater.

Ok, on topic:

I'm finishing the new version of the Default Skin for the FZ50 and this cars needs an improvement of the interior because the back does not convince me due the cut line of the rear seats. The leather of gear box and seat are my best work so far about the interior of one car. Needs improvement of the head lights, also.
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About questions of the tyres:
By medical reasons I have a serious troubles to have a better concentration. So I want to make a very professional works to keep the standard on them and I can't for the moment.

So I'm working on my old works where no need a lot of work and concentration.

About my gender I'm a woman because I'm trasganeder (this is because in oldest crdits appears Javier, instead Sophia).

Me today:

P.D. This is just because I'm tired of explain this situation.
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In coming.

More pics on my flickr account:


Click for enlarge to 1920 x 1080.

P.D. Thanks nacim.
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FZ50 Default Skin improved this year.

Click on pics for enlarge to 1920 x 1080.

- The grill reflects on the bodywork.
- 4096 x 4096 for Skinners.
- Chromatic exhaust pipe and reflects the asphalt.
- Added cut lines on the bodywork (doors).


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Quote from cr4zyFiST :Are there any brake calipers for formula cars available?

Inside the planning.

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I have a serious trouble to have a better concentration so I'm making the revision of the oldest works to upload them again. You can see all the progession here:
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Fantastic work as always.

In your quality line.
S2 licensed

And in Dropbox as soon as possible. I watching all the work If I have to make some change.
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Quote from nacim :Nice documentation, it will inspire me for my future works, thanks Smile

Thanks but, the information is very simple. In 2010 I could talk with more details about how it works the light the light on the bodywork in almost all the spectre of the day and how it works with the basis colours of the cars(blue, red, white, grey and black). The documentation was more exhaustive than the Fern Bay's textures, sure.

Anyway, as I say always with all options and works, everything depends of the point of view. I never will have the absolute truth.

Thanks, niels.

Again, sorry for the delay. I had a lot of compromises, so the next week I can back to the work again. Sorry for this inconvenience. The tyre texture will be released because it is finished and I will upload on dropbox. The sidewalls is under 20%. The concept of the site has completed to start of the design and the faccilities of the navigation. The first work I'll upload, will be Fern Bay textures in 4096x4096 exclusivelly.
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Click for enlarge
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Amazing work!

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Wow!! A very interesting conversation!!

In this case I can't talk about shaders because I'm not a programmer.

In my case I have worked on the texture reflection. Just textures or images.

As people know, first I make an exhaustive documentation to start of the development and that is the secret of the standard of my work. Remember that the Revolution Pack June 24 th are just textures.

I will explain briefly some cases and why the scawens textures does not convince me at all. Although are two completely different things and has his respective limits.

I want to made a clarification that I don't have the totally truth and I'm not better than anyone. Even all this explanation and the respective pics is based on the observation alot of hours in all conditions of light and situations(city, field and stations) of the real life.

The important objects of the tracks, are just in the exact position inside the texture and only is valid in one place. Example, Box building:

But in another point of the track and in the same position than the build before mentioned, is not valid:

Normally, when the sun is under the cloud there are more dispersion of the light on the bodywork as I made in this case. In this case the Sky is reflected in all the track in real time because the sky can be seen in all the track.. Same with the landscapes.

In the case of the Fern Bay (Clear Day) Tropic position. The sun is the point of the more light. So the scenery cannot be reflected on the bodywork. Except on the oblique angle on the dark part of the car. In this case is not possible due the reflections system of the LFS.

On the sunset, the light of the sun can be diffuse or in one point. In any case the clear buildings can be reflected on the dark zone of the bodywork. Remember, the car reflects the light and this case the light bounces from this buildings.

The leadership in this case is for the sun. As this case in the sunset. Is more shining than the buildings in the part where it is.

In conclusion, in the bright zone of the bodywork, only the sun is reflected.

As you say, the bodywork cannot by reflect more light than is received such this case. But in the city, in any condition of the day, there are a lot of contrast of colours. So the car can be reflect anything in the same intensity that its received. Depends of the angle and the colour of the car, of course. In this case the car is Black so is more easy this paragraph.

Another example. When the day is more clear, the bodywork reflects with more intensity the clear colours. In this case the example is a cloud.

At last, when the sunset is the last time of the day, on the opposite side of the sun, the car cannot reflect anything important (there are exceptions, obviously as I have explained some pics ago).

Finally, in the same case the bodywork just reflect the point of light in the side of the sun or the position that the sun can by reflected. All the scenery are secondary and can be more darker on the bodywork than it can see the human eye directly in real life.

Thanks to all for your comments. This is my conclusion in 2010 when I worked on this texture reflections. I remember that the documentation was exhaustive and every days I was watching cars on the street, on photos and videos (top gear,etc).
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@Lfsrm. Thank you!

Difference between new reflection system in real time by Scawen and texture reflections made in 2010.

0.6K from 2015 made by Scawen.

Revolution Pack June 24th from 2010.

This confuse me too much, really. There is two opposite points of view.

Well, I back to the work.
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Thanks, guys. I see two points of view but I think them are correct. (perhaps my reflections are a little bit more shining).

@Flame. I don't now how to help you about the seat. Sorry.

@Nacim. I will upload all the work I made as soon as possible in the site. I promise to all. When I finish the sidewalls.

This is my conclusión when in 2010 I was working on the reflection texture or Live for Speed and posted in the Patch test forum to help to Scawen if he sees it's necessary.

"Hi all. These are my conclusions when I was working on the texture reflections for the Revolution Pack June 24th. The documentation was exhaustive and always I'm looking cars on the street every days and in different hours of day(even in every climate conditions).

One of my conclusions has written in this post. I hope can help the work of the Scawen:

March 17th 2010.

"Extended information.._

In white colours, depends of the ilumination and the position of the car respect to the sun(in the shadow zones in real life), cars can be more reflexives. Really, the bodywork reflects only the light. Can be reflected in all the light spectrum and each colour depends of the intensity of the ilumination, sunlight position, hour of the day(yes, that is important/inside of the time and angle of the sun respect to the earth, there may be a dispersion of the light inside of the atmosphere and apply some tones), if there are clouds... (even volume and intensity).

The knowledge of the light is important to make realistic addons.

Now some comments respect to the white cars:

In Autocross afternoon overcast, if really exists in real life, white cars doesn't reflect nothing of the scenary, excepts:
- When there are a oblique angle and you see the side._ ... www.wallpaperhi.com_5.jpg

Another cases in clear day and oblique angle in the oposite side of the sunlight position (But not in all cases)._ ... fk7qXqsY1r75fj6o1_500.jpg ... n-white-car-photos-13.jpg

When there are a lot of contrast in the scenary of the light and shadows. Only in this case is reflected the light and his forms(trees, for example)._ ... 1241281340_2d6f914ea4.jpg ... er_www.wallmay.com_27.jpg


Really that was my point of reference and balance for all the colours and the real life documentation on the street.

The results can be watched in this video:"[/i]
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R@fiXII !!

Can someone post the same pic with the new patch like this example (in the same angle if is possible)?(Now J5). I want to compare with the new reflection system made by Scawen. Texture reflections from 2010 and FZ50 textures from 2009. Just curiosity nothing more.

Click for enlarge to 1920x1080
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Bridgestone sidewalls finished (Competition).

Click for enlarge to 1920 x 1080.