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Quote from -EsEs- :Ok I am new here and I saw that you can get the VWS, how do I get it?

I did search, everybody is talking about it and there's even a skins thread, but I cant find it


Om die Afrikaner wat is gepos hierdie post, is daar geen VWS, VWS sal nie vir nog 'n paar jaar indien nie 'n hele geslag van nou vrygestel word, so geniet die spel terwyl jy dit! Daar is baie om te sien.

However, good luck on LFS you south African
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Event Cancelled because Event Participation is low.
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Quote from eliajanineh :Full Name: Elia Janineh
LFSW Username: eliajanineh
Requested Car Number: 18
Team Name(Leave this empty if you are a independent racer):
Team Tag:
Nationality: Jordanian

Apolgies for late reply, added to internal list, you will soon be added to the external list on Google Docs Thank you.
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Listed below is the Race Calender Overview the Offical one for the whole season.

God sakes, come on some one must want to sign up...
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Bmxtwins - We have planned the timings around the events that were on the calendar and this is to allow flexible timings around each and every event that was already on there, also note to those who are planning leagues if you would like us to change our timings and leave some space why not come and ask us? Just request it and see what we would do.

About us?

Well it's not a kick in the nuts To those who are wondering, we are at the moment or at least to my knowledge the only ones (looking through the forums of leagues in the past) who fully operate as close as we can to the real thing, we have based our rules on the Formula 1 League, which is a first and unique thing to Live For Speed. We try and get racers to race as close to what you would do in real life as possible! You will have 19 weeks 19 races 19 qualifications and 19 practices to prove your worthiness! Good luck to those who want to participate.

Thank you,
Race Organisers.
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RLGP - Summer of Excellence - [CANCELED]
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RLGP - Racing Legends Grand Prix

Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome RLGP to the family of leagues in Live For Speed, whole year of racing, all the way up to Christmas.
Also, we are running our races in a REAL LIFE format, first ever one to do so.

Anyways, Race Calender is as follows,

Quote from RACE CALENDER :
Friday 2nd August 2013
Friday 9th August 2013
Friday 16th August 2013
Friday 23rd August 2013
Friday 30th August 2013
Friday 6th September 2013
Friday 13th September 2013
Friday 20th September 2013
Friday 27th September 2013
Friday 4th October 2013
Friday 11th October 2013
Friday 18th October 2013
Friday 25th October 2013
Friday 1st November 2013
Friday 8th November 2013
Friday 15th November 2013
Friday 22nd November 2013
Friday 29th November 2013
Friday 20th December 2013

PLEASE NOTE: All the dates listed above are when the PRACTICE SESSIONS, also all are Friday's because the races and qualifications last over 1 weekend each weekend.

How to Signup?

Full Name:
LFSW Username:
Requested Car Number:
Team Name(Leave this empty if you are a independent racer):
Team Tag:


Upon registration you will be sent a welcome pack via forum PMs detailing all you need to know about the season including rules and regulations and the race calendar.

[LEFT]Thank you and Good Luck,
RLGP - Race Organisers.
Last edited by (The Stig), . Reason : Event has been cancelled, this is due to the event participation is too low to even host a race! Thank you to those who did register.
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Same here, anyone know how to contact EQ Worry <_<?
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Hi there,

I went on this server, and was NEARLY banned for not talking english. The guys on there talk like they are kids! I don't understand the language they are talking in which is why I said for one of them to talk in English which they did and eventually i actully got to use a slot.

But, the people on that server even if they are not a ADMIN think they own the server and that they own the world! They tried bossing me about and it kinda peaved me off! Dissappointing when this server is becoming one of the contenders within LFS's Drifting Community.

اپنے آپ کو منظم ہو جاؤ اور اس میں عام لوگ انگریزی بولنے والے لوگوں کی طرف سرور پر عمل راستہ انتہائی افسوس ناک بات ہے کیونکہ میں سرور میٹ کرنے کے لئے واپس آ جائیں گے.
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Looks like someone did attack the master server(s) again, big drop in connections recorded on lfsworld from looking at the online stats thing :P.

Go away stupid DDOS'ers.
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Yes, confirmation that TC and RC are both being DDOS'd, these by the looks of things are the ONLY two servers that are being DDOS'd please please whoever is doing this get off your sad bottom, and get a life, and then stop ddosing popular servers in Live For Speed!

If you want something useful to do, code a insim or smth.

This is SAD and UNFAIR!
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Hey all ,

Talking about the LFS Development again? Right, yes some of us who are the LFS Wise men within the community have been waiting 4 years for a massive update which will bring us the VWS, and rockingham and a brand new outlook on Live For Speed as a whole, but YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THAT THE LIVE FOR SPEED DEVELOPERS DO THIS NOT FOR A LIVING BUT VOLUNTARILLY AND FOR THEIR APPRANT ENJOYMENT.

Just maybe them, developing it for 4 years or even more than 4 years could just be a sign that the developers are taking their time with the Update and the physics update, how about spairing them a thought? Once in a while think about what they are doing for you, and draw a comparison to what we had when it first started to what we have now!!!

You should feel lucky that you even have LFS and that you are able to use LFS and go on this forum to talk to everyone!

A note to the newbies of the forum and the community, if you complain about not having a upgrade or anything you need to sort your life out, and to be honest you need to be quiet and put a soak in it!

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  1. Kimi Raikkonen
  2. Fernando Alonso
  3. Sebastian Vettel
  4. Felipe Massa
  5. Lewis Hamilton
  6. Mark Webber
  7. Adrian Sutil
  8. Paul Di Resta
  9. Jenson Button
  10. Romain GrosJean

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Happy birthday victor!
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Quote from GreyBull [CHA] :First of all, welcome. It is always nice to see new blood here.

If you are looking for a mere eye-candy screenshot generator, then LFS is likely to disappoint you.

If you are looking for a online simulation with arguably some of the best physics of the player market, and one of the most reliable netcode, at a very affordable price, then LFS is for you.

However, some of its features still might appeal to those more attracted to the "visual" side of things. Like, easily customisable skins and textures.

It does not surprise me that you were disappointed by the physics at your first try. The overall feeling vastly depends of different factors such as controller quality/controller setup/car setup. Get one element wrong, and the players' overall experience might be hurt severely. Give the sim more time, and you'll quickly realise it's quality and complexity. That said - I would not be surprised if your judgement was biased by your extended experience with the more arcade-oriented sims/games you've listed in your post.

Yes. It does have a feature called "cruise" that does that. However, it is a very controversial feature on this forum, so be warned, you might encounter uselessly negative, or even borderline offensive posts if you ask something about it here.

An S2 license costs a one-time fee of £24. Buy it once, and you will be able to play the sim for the rest of your life(at the developers discretion - see terms and conditions for more details).

It is a very low price compared to most of the simulations competing against LFS. Many here will argue that this is the best £24 they've ever spent.

There is also the option of buying an one-time fee of £12 for an S1 license. This is not something I would advice to you on long term, though, since you will not have access to many online servers with a mere S1 license. Upgrading from S1 to S2 only costs £12 though, so you can easily buy S1 first, then later purchase S2 if you are pleased with the sim - without losing any money.


Üdvözlünk a Live For Speed ​​haver, jó látni az új vért itt! Ha nem érti az utolsó hozzászóláshoz készült jóvoltából Greybull [CHA] hadd lefordítani az Ön számára.

Először is, üdvözlendő. Mindig jó látni az új vért itt.

Idézetek: Törölt honnan fordítást, de látható az idézetek az eredeti post által Greybull [CHA]

Ha keres egy egyszerű eye-candy screenshot generátor, akkor LFS valószínűleg csalódást okozni.

Ha keres egy internetes szimuláció vitathatatlanul néhány, a legjobb fizika a játékos piacon, és az egyik legmegbízhatóbb netcode készült, nagyon kedvező áron, akkor LFS az Ön számára.

Azonban néhány jellemzőjét esetleg még fellebbezni e jobban vonzott a "vizuális" oldala. Hasonlóan, könnyen testre szabható bőr és textúrák.

Ez nem lep meg, hogy csalódottak voltak a fizika az első próbálkozás. Az általános érzése nagymértékben függ a különböző tényezők, mint a kontroller minőség / vezérlő telepítést / autó beállítása. Kap egy elem rossz, és a játékosok általános tapasztalat lehet sérült súlyosan. Adja meg a sim több időt, és akkor hamar rájön, hogy a minőség és a komplexitás. Igaz - Nem lennék meglepve, ha az ítéletet részrehajló volt az Ön bővített tapasztalatok inkább arcade-orientált sims / játék, amit felsorolt, a post.

Igen. Ez nem egy vonás hívott "körutazás", hogy ezt csinálja. Azonban ez egy nagyon ellentmondásos funkció ezen a fórumon, ezért figyelmeztetett, akkor szembesülhet feleslegesen negatív, vagy akár a borderline támadó pozíciót, ha kérdezel valamit itt.

Az S2 licensz költségek egy egyszeri díj £ 24. Vásárolja meg egyszer, és akkor képes lesz játszani a sim az életed végéig (a fejlesztők belátása szerint - lásd a feltételeket a további részletekért.)

Ez egy nagyon alacsony ár, mint a legtöbb a szimulációk versenyben LFS. Sokan itt is azzal érvelnek, hogy ez a legjobb 24 £ valaha is eltöltött.

Ott van még a lehetőség, hogy vásárol egy egyszeri díja 12 £ egy S1 engedélyt. Ez nem valami, azt tanácsolom neked hosszú távon, bár, mivel akkor nem férhet hozzá sok online szerverek csupán S1 engedélyt. Frissítés S1 S2 csak a költségek 12 £ bár, így könnyen vásárolni S1 először, majd később vásárolni S2, ha elégedett a sim - anélkül, hogy elveszítené a pénz.
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It's been 6 years to this day since i last registered at LFS Can't say ive really grown apart from LFS only real time ive gone away is when CTRA shut down! That was a real downer really when CTRA shut down there wasn't really a GOOD RACING SERVER in lfs.

Anyway, good to see oldskool people here anyways!
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Seems to be fixed peoples :s Who knows why it went down...
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Quote from Franky.S :thanks george

Please refrain from using that name on this forum thank you very much.
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Quote from applefaq : why is TC CityDriving not good enough? And why is LTC not good enough?

Excuse me? Comeone guys [TC] CityDriving and [LTC] Live To Cruise are one of the best and long standing cruise servers in Live for Speed's History [LTC] has been around since 2006 and I wont go in to how long [TC] CityDriving has been around but my point is,

Stop comparing yourself against these 'BETTER THAN YOU' cruise servers because you will never grow up to be like those cruise servers!

And for god sakes is there a market or even a place for you within the Live for Speed Community?

If this dies like all the other New untried Cruise Servers I'll laugh sooooo hard you could hear it from Austrailia :P

However much i'd like to critisize I wish you the Best Of Luck!

Also improve your english sir.
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Sad to hear that LsC has had to shut down but,

Can we learn from this? How to secure your servers?
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Formula 1 OFFICAL RELEASE - Regarding Maruissa Crash

Quote from Formula 1 :Marussia test driver Maria de Villota has been taken to hospital after being involved in an accident during a straight-line test at Duxford on Tuesday. De Villota’s car struck a stationary vehicle at the Cambridgeshire airfield.

“At approximately 09.15hrs BST this morning, Maria De Villota had an accident in the team’s MR-01 race car at Duxford Airfield where she was testing the car for the first time,” the team explained in a statement.

“The accident happened at the end of her first installation run and involved an impact with the team’s support truck. Maria has been transferred to hospital. Once her medical condition has been assessed a further statement will be issued.”

The Spaniard has raced in a variety of single-seater and sports car categories, including Spanish Formula Three, the Daytona 24 Hours, Euroseries 3000 and the Superleague Formula championship.

She is the daughter of ex-Formula One driver and British Formula One series champion Emilio de Villota and joined Marussia’s test line-up in March.


Quote from Formula 1 :Marussia test driver Maria de Villota is conscious and undergoing further medical assessment in hospital, after crashing during a straight-line test at Duxford on Tuesday morning. De Villota’s car struck the team’s support truck shortly after the end of her first installation run at the Cambridgeshire airfield.

“The team can confirm that Maria was transferred by ambulance from Duxford Airfield, where the accident happened, to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge,” said a Marussia statement.

“Since Maria’s arrival at the hospital at approximately 10.45 hours this morning, she has been receiving the best medical attention possible at the hospital, which is the region’s major trauma centre. Maria is conscious and medical assessments are on-going.

"The team will await the outcome of these assessments before providing further comment. The team’s first priority at this time is Maria and her family.”

As well as racing in a variety of single-seater and sports car categories, De Villota completed 300 kilometres of running for Team Lotus (now Caterham) at Paul Ricard last August.

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Well nothing new then, to be honest I ain't got time for LFS anymore i'll wait it out till the New LFS Comes out just maybe then i'll get my education down and out the way and just maybe i'll play LFS but till then LFS sucks!
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true... true... we need V8.
btw i made LX8 replica with LFSTweak0.6B 1.4.0. it is different from original LX8 because it is still LX6 but with slicks and straight 8 engine (sounds like V8).
this is proof that we could have LX8 and even drive it !

(in lfstweak "load ALL values")
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skoda felicia whines at 1, 3 and 5 gear. my bmw e30 whines all the time xD (differential)