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S3 licensed
or how fast YOU can be with setups which all others use > "lfs setups" > "lfs folder with setups" > "how to copy files"

sorry for sarcastic answer
LFS 0.6E - online hack
S3 licensed
Hello developers, here is replay with guy hacking online game in lattest version of LFS.

- demo server
- connected as admin
- no username visible
- cant be crashed (like heavy car or stational object)
- speeding up like be bumbed by invisible car from behind...

Very sad to see, hope can be fixed soon.
Another replays and comments in this thread:
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hallo michele0676,

thanx for your nice work. i have few suggestions/requests for future development of your scripts:

i dont completely understand, why the table creation script (mysql instructions.txt) is used manually and it is not a part/included of code and is not automatically used (detection if table does not exist yet)? - i am sorry if it was already discussed or explained.

i am uploading stats to my web hosting at some intervals by ftp upload function of airio (zipped archive) - is there any chance you can add some function to directly handle of that zip archive, or i overlooked another possibility to upload 2 required stat files separately by airio on hosting server (sorry then again )?

eventually i have improvement idea inspired by this - - something like quick links to the most used or last used combos placed on main frame

with regards

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good luck and have fun with improving your skills!

ps. S corner is called "chicane"
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Quote from the-dog :all in all IM NOT THAT SLOW with my halfass setup im doing consistent 1:16 there , that's not the slowest i think

if you mean bl1/fbm, with 4s slower time, they consider you to be a different class car
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Quote from EQ Worry :
I was not doing extensive research, it is just my feeling from what I see. But for the point of argument appended are all captured curses from yesterday's log of the AirAttack demo servers. (NOTE: Do not open if you do not want to lose all the remaining faith in humanity!) I've counted about 120 cases when the language filter fires, 100 of which were warnings, 20 were kicks. I see ONE clearly false warning there, one or two more that are disputable. I see NO false kick. Maybe yesterday was an exceptional day or the filter in fact works with 99% reliability.

funny reading of attached txt, thanx for it

of course, there is 100% succes with exact dictionary words, which are in approx. 95% in this log, ive mean succes in rest of cases...
but again, no offense, i have different look on filtering of chat.

finally serious suggestion:
do you have quantified what happends with server/s if you remove therse filtering/censoring for say month (except nazi or rasism ofcourse)?
its not so simple, and it relates with overall situation in lfs when everyone say "its not like in old good times... etc" - MAYBE all that restrictions (prohibition) leads to regression. and you as developer and provider of this_type_of_services and saying what is "defaultly good", are part of that.
i think, server/s might be more popular without prohibition, not touching racing rules of course. sometimes is better, when involved racer say to "crasher": "F**K you idiot", and is satisfied by that, instead of crashing him for revenge in next lap - btw. this should be very nice feature of airio - detection of revenge crashing (revenger is always more than 1 lap behind)
thats my point, but just consideration.
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hallo, you are ofcourse right
i am sorry for posting it there... i did it, because swearwords engine is one of built-in airio features, which is overally part of some "anti-dirty racers system" - in other words something like artifical intelligence, and i think AI should never punish for NOT WRONG behaviour

i was just surprised, because i never use swearwords, i was warned 2 times by airio for 0 swearwords (its 100% wrong in my point of view), and i still cant understand, why cant i say "i am idiot", when i screw my lap or chat nightly about movies or books with buddies on servers (what is not so rare after midnight)...

btw, i am wondering, if you really have statistically documented your 95% succes of auto kicking/warning, i guess it might be even under 50% (in cases when the just words - "%20bitch%20" or "%20****%20" are not used ofcourse)
(i am sorry, if these words can not be used as examples on this forum)
EDIT: hehe, the second - F*** word was starred automatically, duno if its forum or my local system/browser behaviour

one more time sorry for bothering you there, it was not meaned offensive, rather like comment.
i respect and like your work - some of features like watching pit-outs or blue flag management fairly "saved" my car on demo servers few times


Quote from EQ Worry :Indeed. I have a few comments:

1) If you're unhappy about some Airio config on some server(s), why write it here? This is general thread discussing Airio, solving troubles, giving suggestions. Specific config complains belong to server admins, not here.

2) But OK, I'm the one mostly taking care of AirAtack servers, so I can answer some things here:

I agree the word "pica" is clear overkill, too general, too sporadicaly used in the intended meaning. I agree trying to cover as much languages may and will sometimes give wrong warnings/kicks...

But SO WHAT? Argumenting that you can't talk about Dostoyevskiy's Idiot on AA servers is, sorry, pure and utter rubbish. You must know perfectly well that in 99.5% of cases it is used as an abusive word, so what is the point?

We're not human rights organization nor layers protecting evil based on the fact that with 0.5% probablity the evil is not actually evil. If anyone is warned and on 2nd attempt kicked by mistake, we're sorry. Any automated system will give false alarms, especially if as extended as on AirAttack servers.

Overall the filter kicks correctly in 95% or even more cases. If someone feels entitled (maybe after being crashed) to swear and abuse others and is kicked, that, by AA filosophy, is the correct action, because swearing never helps anything, does not solve the problem, rather escalates it.

Trying to find the cases where the specifically configured filter may fail is prety useless exercise. BTW, none if the "shit" examples you wrote will give you warning or kick, you can test it. On the other hand the "bitch" examples will indeed fire falsely, but I can hardly imagine anyone using most of those.

Considering managing demo servers to the ideal state (clean races, everyone happy): Anyone trying to do that will know it is pretty much impossible, unless you have someone with at least six eyes constantly online. And such people are rare indeed. So we need to rely an automatics as much as possible, and I believe it is indeed doing a good job. Not perfect, naturally, but even humans are not capable of that.

Sorry for this a bit heated answer, I just wanted to make my points clear.

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Quote from VoiD :Depends on swearfilter and even more from Excep="rules"...
"Excep=finish it" e.g.

wish it?
trash it?
smash it?
splash it?
wash it?
fish it?
was hit me?
is this hit?

bit chemical?
rabbit challenge?
want a bit cheese?
64-bit chunk?


happy excepting
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Quote from EQ Worry :Oh, lol, I'll add this one as an exception...

heh, this is neverending...

why word "Pica" is prohibited, when its regular (even technical word - typographic unit) - 1 PostScript pica = 4.23333333 millimeters - google?

can i talk about Dick Clark or about Dostojevskij's novel Idiot online?


i am not fan of automatic kicking for swearwords, and i preffer rather kicking for acts. often i can see opposite, on aa servers also, unfortunetly...
there are too much of similar word/parts with different meaning in different languages, too much exceptions.

and btw. - people always can find way to swear if they want - you beach!

feature issue
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hallo, why i am kicked for swearword by Airio when i say TYPICAL on AA servers?
bl1r on demo
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hallo, i tested your implementation of reversed demo server, its very nice idea and i like it (not sure about other demoers ).

there are few "incomplete" features imo (sorry if already reported)
- primarily penalties, what are cleared also durning race and allowing to do unrealistic lap times (check my one (and clear it if possible, please - entrance lap done through pits)
- also split areas are bit loose - regullary +0,5s on 1st split
- and finally, i miss the position and time gaps list durning race

anyway, good work, greetings to the czech republic!
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the only and basic question is: are you familiar and do you follow the fia/crc racing rules?

if yes, you are celan racer, you are right, others who call you crasher are wrong.

note - but sometimes, if you are significantly slower than others, its not good to try to race against drivers in "different class", like 5s faster

[because its not race but taking care of racer who is braking 20m earlier for them]

Quote from Shirtkicker :I get accused of crashing ALL THE TIME!

It's never on purpose, and I don't hesitate to say sorry as soon as I can. Even when I've been shunted into someone else. ...I KNOW!

I don't drive incredibly fast, but I am a defensive driver, and I will defend my line. And I have had incredible duels - fun races - with racers making laps faster than I.

But I get accused of crashing a lot more by people who don't know when it's THEM driving badly.

When I've overshot a corner, I know I've overshot the corner. I realise that there is a car in close proximity to me, and likely inside me, and I'll back off a bit and let them through. This might even leave me in a position to get right back on their tail, seeing as they've had to slow to avoid me. Then, because they're driving defensively, I can sometimes get a place back, or I can at least follow them and see where their braking happens and where they leave the kerbs - but i digress... There's the FUN! That's why I do this! BUT:

I don't suddenly swing back to the apex to cover a racing line that is NO LONGER MINE. OK?

Let me make this clear - hitting someone in the side or rear of their car means that you have done it wrong! Take one on the chin and admit your awareness fail. You can't just ram your way back onto the track because you're losing a place.

That is simply not good sportmanship, and if there is no good sportsmanship, then the sport is not good. Am I right?

It's a game - yes I know, and to all those who say 'why not?' you'll be playing something else next year, so I don't care.

Everyone I've ever had a good race against - thanks! It's a f**king great game isn't it?

It was actually a good night's racing... but there you go. Right, drunken rant over, off to the club!

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"blank" pitstop takes depend on track (pitlane length) 10-30s, when you refuell and change tyres you lose another seconds, aprox 5-10s...
so count, how much laps long must race be when laptime with full tank and saving_tyres driving style is 0,5-1s slower.
its part of "pitstop strategy", usually if pitstop is not required, never do it in races shorter than 1 hour, when pitstop is required, never refuell, never change your tyres, never repair your car.
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Quote from Mysho :What.

You like the game, you buy the game - at any time.

no doubt. you can buy anything you want, including driving license or university graduation, no irony. its sad.
because buying license does not mean it makes you "licensed driver" imo.
i was 2 years demo racer, now another 2 years with license and i still feel like demoer, still too much to learn, respect to good pepole...
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Quote from PLAYLIFE :Well, you are not much of a thinker, are you


of course, i am nobrain

translation of my post is: omg, why are you asking devs/mods for resolving your own non-responsible acting?
any more non-responsible people around? i thing, there are full s2 servers of them... (reference to another thread titled "where are gone all that 'old' 'good' 'fair' racers"). i dont know, where they gone, i only think, that people buying/getting s2 license too soon, without decent knowledege of racing/system/forum.
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i always thought, that only demo racers cutting the track

i always thought, that only demo racers dont know, how to clear their stats on lfsworld

i always thought, that only demo racers trying to resolve their "problems" posting that titled requests to devs

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Quote from Weasley123 :There should be an option on LFS when defining controls to have the Mouse Y axis for Acceleration and Braking, for instance when the mouse is moved further to the top in the top half of the screen, the car will accelerate forwards, in the bottom half if the mouse is moved towards the bottom the car will brake.

This allows a smoother acceleration for people (like me) who can't afford a wheel and pedals for their computer and have to use the mouse. I would also like to travel at a limited speed on some cruise servers such as a steady 70mph.

It's a good idea, please discuss.

there is not much to discouss there, x/y mouse axes are already available to controll in lfs.

wrong thread
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some note about difference of ideal lines depend on rwd/fwd/awd...
i did recently few laps on blackwood with different cars and i felt, then analyzed and must say - ideal line is same for rwd, fwd as well as for awd imo and is depend on driver/braking style.
attached picture, 3 of them are wrs, another close to wrs, blue fzr is only different because of mistake (too late) braking.
not "tested" slick cars.
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thanx for reply, sent PM
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low video memory? tried with lower resolution / lowres textures?
tried to run lfs as admin?
what win7 build? RC 7100 is a bit buggy in my experience.
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Quote from SparkyDave :Classic demo server behaviour if you ask me seems a good advertisment for buying S2 and racing with the adults

Also a good argument for adding a filter to allow S1 or S2 users to see only the "better" servers


im not sure about adults, s2 may buy kids or nobrains if they got money.
ive meet good people on demo same as agressive idiots on s2 revanging overtaking by crash...
i think there is no difference between demo and s2 people - only knowledge about value of s2 price.
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actually, this is not so classic...
ive meet recently this guy/s (they are not so bad drivers, so at least they are experinced - thats leading to thought they have some point), i think they are very few people. im not sure if only ruining races makes them fun or they want to more - like to ruin server / team / whole game?...

anyway, block their ip ranges in firewall should be 1st step :/

b2r team - analyze ILLUMINATI replay - WHAT can dissalow to this man to ruin race to other people?
- driving reverse right after start?
- cutting the track or passing "restricted zones"?
- blocking closely for seconds under blue flag?
- midrace=no?
- vote=yes?
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i have also bad experience with pug (i belive i can recognize the real one).

take this please as official appeal about his future participation in the team. he is taking his rights as very specific private game, when he is crashing people after races and kicking them repeately for fun. speak nothing about race with him when he started to take it as knock me out fun, on my "are you serious?" commented by present team members as "he is retarded, didnt you know?".

you are team, omg! your members creating image of you!
S3 licensed
this is not about technical solution...
you can not want to change your reputation related to your identification.

if you have been 13 years old stupid child when creating your account, you will be 16 year old stupid child asking again for change it after few years.

if you have doing bad things online under your username, pay for it and learn from it or pay for new "life" with new account

== [absolutely stupid request] IMO
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Quote from broken :Not really... I can tell you 2... no... 3 factors for failure while racing with mouse(my mouse is a optical wireless one, so 2 of the factors come from there). 3rd comes from my PC.. Not my mouse's fault but it's still something that makes problem about my driving. Promise not to laugh!

1: When mouse batteries just died. I use my mouse not only for steering.. Gas and brake are also there. So let me give you a example: Exiting corner and you want to press the gas button for a short time and steer out of the corner, and batteries die in that very same moment - What happens?.... Your car spins, because the gas is still being pressed and the steering wheel just stays in the angle it was right before the batteries died. Or another funny example: Right before a corner, you are just about to release the gas and hit the brakes... batteries die, gas button is still pressed and after 2 or max 3 seconds the race ends for you.

2: There are some zones on my desk that my mouse "doesn't like". Zones that I guess give a couple of reflections to the laser and that sends false info to my PC, so either I can't steer or everything just goes crazy and I'm like a drunk driver racing on the track.

3: FPS lag when more than 3 people are close to me... This is just my PC. If there is smoke then 2 people can be enough too. Also when my antivirus program triggers, it makes lfs lag like hell too. If I have left skype in "online" mode and someone types then a box appears blinking in LFS and guess what? LFS starts lagging. Well there are tons of other reasons to make LFS lag too, but I think I mentioned enough of them.

On the other hand: Yes I'm doing a lot of mistakes while driving with mouse when all of these factors are missing, because I'm not a good racer really, but... still... I don't necessarily have to do something wrong in order to have problems with mouse driving.


1) what about use of wireless wheel or wireless keyboard?

2) i recommend to use mouse pad

3) fps lag = lack of cpu power to manage input - affects wheel as well as keyboard input

btw. imo use of wireless mouse is not so good. not because of discharging batteries, but because of its weight - produces interia - momentum in movings... like drawing with no battery pen tablet vs. drawing with battery pen tablet.

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