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RSS \\ Road Super Series
RSS \\ Road Super Series

RSS\\ Round3 - Updated GPL65

Road Super Series 3rd Round

WHEN: Wednesday, 25th October, 60min Qualifying @19:00 CET \\ 17 Lap Race @20:10 CET
WHERE: Westhill International Reversed
WHAT: Grand Prix Legends 65


For the third race of the Road Super Series, each driver will have on his back, literally, twelve 125cc cylinders in a V12 architecture screaming at 12 000 RPMs. Made in Britain with its Aluminium monocoque, this prototype raced around the world millimetres from the edge of the grass and eventually the spectators. With 220 horsepower, only mechanical grip transferred by old school road tires, this is a handful to tame within the white lines.
The drivers will have to practice their discipline to not upset the car under braking, acceleration and cornering, a massive endeavour for 17 laps, almost 100 Kilometres.

Update NOTE

The support for skins it is not completed, for now drivers will have more flexibility colouring the car, however we still need to wait for the official 100% Skin Support. Additionally , the number on the vehicle is controlled by the number plate of each driver

More information about the layout, setup etc on the forum post