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RSS\\Road Super Series - Round3
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#1 - cuni
RSS\\Road Super Series - Round3

Welcome to the third edition of the Road Super Series
WHEN: Wednesday, 25th October, 60min Qualifying @19:00 CET \\ 17 Lap Race @20:10 CET
WHERE: Westhill International Reversed
WHAT: Grand Prix Legends 65


For the third race of the Road Super Series, each driver will have on his back, literally, twelve 125cc cylinders in a V12 architecture screaming at 12 000 RPMs. Made in Britain with its Aluminium monocoque, this prototype raced around the world millimetres from the edge of the grass and eventually the spectators. With 220 horsepower, only mechanical grip transferred by old school road tires, this is a handful to tame within the white lines.
The drivers will have to practice their discipline to not upset the car under braking, acceleration and cornering, a massive endeavour for 17 laps, almost 100 Kilometres.


Wednesday, October 25th
17:00 UTC / 19:00 CET / 20:00 EET - 60 minutes qualifying
18:10 UTC / 20:10 CET / 21:10 EET - Race start

60 min qualifying – Open Track
17 Laps Race (35 minutes) – No pit required - F12 gives you the fuel consumption per lap


Respect BLUE FLAG - You may not deny/block a passing manoeuvre of a faster car and/or try to overtake it right after. During Qualify - stay off racing line and don't disturb drivers on hot lap.!
Respect YELLOW FLAG - Slow down, cars ahead are possibly not pointing forward.
Cars out of track (white lines) must return to track pointing forward in the flow of cars, not perpendicular
No shortcutting in any way. 2 wheels must be inside the white lines.
Be careful while racing, avoid any contacts with other cars. No crashing, ramming or any other unsportsmanlike behaviour at any time.
Drivers with high and/or unstable ping will be asked to leave if not improving it.
No voting for restart/qualification/end race after qualification start (unless command is given to vote for start).
Chatting during the race is not forbidden, but it's distracting for drivers. Use mindfully
Bump drafting is forbidden. If not following this rule, you'll get DSQ from the event

Typical lap (sorry the audio)

Better audio

Setup used in lap & layout of the track below, no guarantees
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#2 - cuni

The support for skins it is not completed, for now drivers will have more flexibility in colouring the car, however we still need to wait for the official 100% Skin Support.
To change the driver number on the side of the car, just change your numberplate to the number you want. The circle can fit only 2 digits (for now)
#3 - cuni

PENALTIES : tBug after lasting 42.95 seconds after race start before colliding with another driver and causing a massive crash, will not be welcomed on the next few RSS events.

WARNINGS : RG^LORENZO receives a WARNING for the 2nd lap overtake on the inside of T1 for 4th position, causing a collision with [RP]RIC98 and not giving the place back

Twenty-one drivers participated on the third RSS event, the qualifying results were impressive since the gap between most drivers was within half a second, mostly less.

GUM|||Piegon took the seat of the pole sitter, the battle for the first laps with B2R Mantas was intense but after a mistake from the latter he led the next 14 undisputedly. As many drivers realized this car has very little grip when pushed to the limit, the consistency and race craft displayed made Piegon the gold medallist of this race, a great drive.
B2R Mantas had an underwhelming race, fighting for the first position during three laps, setting the fastest lap of the race on the 14th lap but still came short to win due to multiple distractions during the unforgiving 35 minutes of pure stress driving this cheroot. Great performance nonetheless.
RG^RD2 had a massive performance coming from position 14th on the grid and finishing 3rd, he drove a consistent race, all the overtakes were performed clean, a true asset to the RG team.

One of the best overtakes has to go to M.Tulio, which performed an outside move on T1 just on the second lap, full tank and cold tires, ballsy!

There were 17 race finishers, a successful event for this series.

The round 4 will be posted on the next hour, this time will be a French vehicle that conquered the Alps during his prime.
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RSS\\Road Super Series - Round3
(3 posts, started )