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League Information

Races with FOX every friday.

Starts with single lap qualy around 19:30 GMT in summer and 20:30 GMT in winter. After qualifying there is a race, approximately one hour in length, with pitstop required.

Discord is needed to participate in race :

The winner of race picks track for next week.

Current Season

Season Scheduled Rounds Remaining Rounds First Round Next Round
Season 11 45 0 N/A

Latest News Update

, by NumberTwo

Dear racers!

In first week of June 2020 Fox Fridays will be 10 years old! That means 10 years of driving willy old foxes around all the tracks in LFS portfolio. We had much fun, and whole FFM team is gratefull to all drivers participating in our races.

Thats why we have decided to treat all FOX lovers to a weekend of FOX racing. We will kick off proceedings on Friday 5th June, with a double header race, consisting of a regular qualify, then a double race on same track, first race in normal direction, another race in reverse. The track in question will be revealed at the end of this Fridays race, so stay tuned. Qualify starts at normal FOX FRIDAY time, subject to 5 FFM minutes leeway. Points for both races will be awarded.

And to give things another twist, on Saturday 6th of June, we will have an FOX endurance race. We will kick off with 30 minutes Qualify session at 20:15, then start the 3 HOUR race at 21:00. Race in question will be AS6, offering a good mix of R1 vs R2 strategies for the race. Sign up thread is opened in LFS forum, 30 cars will be allowed to start the race. If the number of cars entered into race will be higher than that, additional info will be provided. Drivers are encouraged to practice on (FM) FOX Endurance server, because in case of too many entries, server PB's will be a defining factor of who makes the cut for the official race. Signup thread is here :

For more information, read the info thread :

Endurance race will be broadcasted by

Both races will be administered by the one and only, [FFM]^Fras!

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

Season Scheduled Rounds Remaining Rounds First Round Next Round Active
Season 10 28 0 N/A No
Season 11 45 0 N/A Yes