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League Information

Races with FOX every friday.

Starts with single lap qualy around 19:30 GMT in summer and 20:30 GMT in winter. After qualifying there is a race, approximately one hour in length, with pitstop required.

Discord is needed to participate in race :

The winner of race picks track for next week.

Latest News Update

, by NumberTwo

Dear racers,

Fragmaster team thanks everyone who has raced in our Fox Friday races that we continued to organize every week of the year. We have went through some milestones last year, turned over 600 races and finished our 13th season.

For that reason, we will organize one longer race this coming friday, its friday the 13th, fittingly for end of season 13. It will be our Fox Friday race #651. We will drive on Fern Bay Black with our beloved Formula XR. Race will be 100 laps long. Race will start at 20:00 CET.

There are currently qualifications taking place.To get into the race you need to sign up for the race on league webpage : . After the finished sign up, you need to join Fox Friday LFS server and set a time. We will track sign ups and posted lap times and publish a sign up table every day until Thursday 20:00 CET, as that is the deadline for posting a time. On that deadline we will publish an entry list for the race - your time posted on server will determine your grid slot in the actual race on Friday.

For more information as always, visit Fragmaster discord : .

Race will be livestreamed by Simbroadcasts. Youtube link : .

NDR will assist in organization and running of the race to ensure high standard of racing.

Come and race with us!

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

Season Scheduled Rounds Remaining Rounds First Round Next Round Active
Season 10 28 0 N/A No
Season 11 52 0 N/A No
Season 12 52 0 N/A No
Season 13 52 0 N/A No
Season 14 52 0 N/A No
Season 15 16 1 Yes