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League Information

Races with FOX every friday.

Starts with single lap qualy around 19:30 GMT in summer and 20:30 GMT in winter. After qualifying there is a race, approximately one hour in length, with pitstop required.

Discord is needed to participate in race :

The winner of race picks track for next week.

Latest News Update

, by NumberTwo

Fragmaster is proud to announce that on 4th of June 2021 Fox Fridays will be 11 years old.

As a longest standing active LFS league, we are hoping to bring you something old, to cherish all the fun races we had in all the years we raced.

We will organize a race on old version of Westhill International. LFS version needed to run the race will be LFS 0.6B. Server is already set up. More information about the event on Fragmaster discord :

Race will be livestreamed by!

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

Season Scheduled Rounds Remaining Rounds First Round Next Round Active
Season 10 28 0 N/A No
Season 11 52 0 N/A No
Season 12 52 0 N/A No
Season 13 4 1 Yes