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8 New layouts from me - Drift, AutoX, Hillclimb
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8 New layouts from me - Drift, AutoX, Hillclimb
Before I go on summer holiday, I though I'll share these 8 layouts that I made quite a while ago. All the layouts can be found here.

EDIT: Some of the links below may not work anymore because our site went under major changes, but all the layouts are still on our site. Just visit the above link, all layouts are sorted there, you can easily find everything.

I know some people are reluctant to click around and browse sites, so I'll say here pretty much what's on our site. If you are interested in the layout, just click the respective link to see more and bigger screenshots, as well as to download the layout file itself.

I also recommend you to watch the videos, especially for the longer layouts. I tried to keep the size of the videos down, so the quality is really crappy + sound of the videos is the lowest quality possible. Even so, some of the videos are rather big, but thats due to several resons. Long layouts - up to 4-5minutes, I suck at compressing and using codedcs, and I recorded on 1024 1/2size 16bits with medium graphics setitngs.

Starting with 6 Drift Layouts

1 - Drift Park

A drift park for SO3. Random tire sets and barriers, to practice drifting in a confined space. Good for beginners to practice the basics of drifting by doing some small and big donuts around tires, and trying to connect different elements of the track. The possibilities on this track are endless, you can go every way you want, connect different routes etc. Can be also good for twin drifts.


More & Bigger Screens + Download here.

Outside cam with the XRT.
30mb Video, several minutes long.

2 - Aston North Drift

You start from the pit area, make a sharp 180, pass several chicanes, and finish up right after the hairpin. There you can turn around a tire, and make the track backwards as well. You will need to push hard on this track, because some of the clipping points are a bit far away.


More & Bigger Screens + Download here.

Videos (~14mb)
XRT Incam.
Same but outside camera here.

3 - Fern Bay Club

A short drift layout for FE club, with some chicanes on the way. The layout is rather narrow, so be carefull not to hit the grass. At 1-2 points it might be a bit of a challenge to connect the corners. You start from the pits, and at the end you make a 360 and head back. Good for twin drift practice, because the track is a bit narrow you'll have to be up for the task of following your team mate.


More & Bigger Screens + Download here.

Videos (~9mb)
Incam XRT Video.
Same"]Same from outside.

4 - Kyoto National R Drift Battle

A very short drift layout for KY2R, designed for drift battles. The start is located on the oval part of the track. There are only a few corners and clipping points, so you have to aim and hit them perfectly. It's quite wide, so there is pleanty of room for a good drift battle. Works in reverse direction as well.


More & Bigger Screens + Download here.

Videos (~4mb)
Ouside version.

5 - Westhill Drift

Fast and challanging drift layout for a section of Westhill. The start consists of 2-3 very fast clipping points, mid track 2-3 slower corners, and the end is pedal to the metal. Could be good for twin drifting as well. Does not work backwards, you wouldn't be able to connect all the clipping points on the uphill section.


More & Bigger Screens + Download here.

Videos (~4mb)
Outside camera.

6 - South City Classic R

A fast drift layout with a lot of chicanes. You'll have to swing from one side of the road to the other contantly. The hardest bit is the downhill section which you have to enter with a lot of speed in order to be able to connect the corners. The layout works only in one direction, if you try to make it in reverse way you will not be able to connect all the corners.


More & Bigger Screens + Download here.

Videos (~6mb)
XRT Drift Inside Cam.
Outside View.

Apart from drift layouts, there are 2 more. 1 Hillclimb and 1 AutoX.

7 - Sout City Classic R AutoX for the LX4 (tough one)

Can't give a preview for this because it's very very long (about 4-5min to complete the track), and there are about 20 screens for it, so you just have to look at them all here.

The track start with a slalom, followed by a 180 turn, and reversing between some cones. Another 180 from reverse, 360 around a tire, and another short slalom section. At the end of that you do again a 180, and reverse into a tight spot untill your front wheels cross the white line (checkpoint1). You continue through some tight turns, another 360around a tire, followed by a figure 8 around 2 tires. Then you have to accelerate, and perform a 360degree turn in the marked region. Don't get too ethusiastic with the throttle at the end of the 360, because right after it follow 2 tires where you have to perform a turn around each. Another tight passage follows, with one more reversing into a tight spot - checkpoint 2. Then the track becomes a bit more straight forward, you just follow the cones. Several slaloms, some more spins around tires. When you reach the final corner on the normal SO1R track, you continue towards the pits. After the uphill section upon pit entry, you go around a tire, and head towards the pit. Circle the tire there and go back through some more challanges till you cross the finish line.

35mb Outside View video here.

8 - Aston Hillclimb

This one is also very long, and I used up all the objects here covering 1/2the track. Don't ask me why I called it hillcimb, it just felt like one when

driving it with the FOX and FO8.

Check it out here.

A hillclimb style layout, for the most mountain like part of Aston. A lot of narrow parts, a lot of obstacles, a lot of chicanes. It is quite long and challanging at some parts. There isn't much to explain, just follow the road and avoid the barriers. There are 2 seperate layout files for both rections,
the only difference is the checkpoint direction and start/finishing position obviously. I recommend to use GTRS, FOX and FO8 here, as those add to the fill of hillclimb. Personally I like the most FOX/F08 in forward direction, and XFR/XRR in reverse direction. You don't need sophisticated setups here, the layout is enjoyable with RACE_S setups. Add only a bit of downforce, some minor steering, camber/pressure adjustments, and you'll be fine.

Videos (~10mb)
FO8 Incam.
FO8 Ouside Came.
FOX Incam.
Reverse direction videos
XFR Incam.
XRR Outside View.

I hope you like at leat some of the layouts. Have fun.

PS: 1-2 of the rar pacakges for the layouts don't have an spr included, because some of the replays got corrupted and give OOS errors.
#2 - Jakg
#3 - Jakg
damn that hill climb made me squirm, you are to quick!
Hehe, could be much faster though. I backed off a bit for the sake of making the replays, if I really push it I tend to fly off and end up taking out 1/2the track.
these all look really fun, downloading
I get this error when trying to access the page ""

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Quote from MataGyula :I get this error when trying to access the page ""

"Unable to establish connection to MySQL
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got the same

what to to m8?
Sorry guys, our host is down at the moment, both finalgear forum and site are down. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I can't say much more than try again a bit later.

Videos should be still working though, they are hosted elsewhere.

edit: Well, the offline time didn't last long luckily, we're back online. You can try again, and if it gives errors I'll ask Firefox, our webmaster guy to look after the problem.
edit2: Damn, 1min too slow. :P
Everything is alright now
Thx 4 fixing things , the downloads work now, except "7 - Sout City Classic R AutoX for the LX4 (tough one)" :/
Just downloaded the others , hope to test it with teammates soon ^^
Thank You 4 the Layouts !
TNx but for what Folder i need copy?
You need to be S2 Licenced to use custom layouts
and if i have the pech to S2?
You have to own the full version to use layouts.
Quote from Michaelturbo :and if i have the pech to S2?

The crack? thats illegal, and you will for sure get flamed for admitting that so... Watch out.
#17 - Jakg
Quote from Michaelturbo :and if i have the pech to S2?

there is a patch FOR S2, but not the patch to GET S2, that goes by a different name and involves bananas
wow! that was impressive... the hillclimb in the XRR love it!

all the links give 404 not found. can you please post the .lyt files here ?
Thanks for letting me know I've fixed both of them. I knew something was missing or todo
Hope you like them
all links dont work...
:bump: does anyone have a download link

8 New layouts from me - Drift, AutoX, Hillclimb
(25 posts, started )