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Drift Practice Layout!!
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Drift Practice Layout!!
hey guys i made this layout for people who want to better their drifting skills. i think it will be good for people just starting out and even for people who already know how to drift and want to touch up their skills. i have added in almost all type of turns. everything from a 90mph entry into a hairpin to a decreasing radius turn. here are some screenshots: ... ewaysin916/dpractice1.jpg ... ewaysin916/dpractice2.jpg ... ewaysin916/dpractice3.jpg ... ewaysin916/dpractice4.jpg ... ewaysin916/dpractice5.jpg ... ewaysin916/dpractice6.jpg

the big box around the circle can be used for 90 degree turns, a single link, or try to lap the entire thing. i hope you guys like it. FEEDBACK IS VERY APPRECIATED!
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so has anyone tried this yet?
ya i tried it on line and its kinda small but still fun
oh yeah.. this is a fun "bigger touge" layout :P:P:P haha
How do you play on this track?

I'm assuming you host a game and host the track?
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You have to have S2 to use layouts.
nicely done. I like you guys layouts.
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dang i want s2 licence, but i cant afford it :P

Drift Practice Layout!!
(8 posts, started )