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Quote from KingOfIce :it seems to be something wrong in your config file.
(no problem about python 3.11, the version needed by Detect&Monitor is embebded in the exe file).
Did it work with the previous version ? Did you not overwrite your config file ?

It was the first time i installed the plugin just now - V1.2.2.2. Are you talking about Detect&Monitor.cfg that i see mentioned in the readme? I do not have it in the downloaded folder. Where should it be located?
Oups sorry, I forget it in the zip... It's now ok if you download it again.
Works now, thank you!
Quote from Ayoub2016 :Does Monitor works with driver change situation, cause yesterday I tried to swap with my teammate and takeover the car but after nothing appear on the screen

Hello endurance drivers!

New release today:

Same Link as before (2nd post)
You can overwrite only the exe if you already have the application - 20221111
[New] "Take over car" (relay) function implementation

Good relays to you !
Is Windows 7 still unsupported?
yep sorry, no change about win 7.
During the 6h endurance race, when a team change driver the app stopped working, did you have the same issue?
Hello Ayoub,
Yes the Gums who were participating told me that too. I tried to make you something for the event but something else must be wrong, sorry. I'll have a look!
Yeah the app did work for me fine in practise. Absolutely brilliant work you guys did put in. But when the race session started it went to start up and close multiple times. Than during my first stint it came back alive for 5 laps. After that it went off again and never got it working.

Might it be something with the 6H format race?

Because I also noticed the time intervall at the splits I could not see to others. That might not work for the same reason...
You're right, that was my first thought too because I don't think it was ever used in a race condition based on time and not a number of laps. I'll look into that.
also one thing, the radar, sometimes it does bug and freeze or wont work, specially with multiple cars around the player
Quote from rik97 :Might it be something with the 6H format race?

It doesn't seem to be related to the type of race (duration instead of number of laps). I suspect the "Michelin" mod that displays the race status (green / yellow).
Strangely, I didn't find it in the list of mods in my LFS!? If some people have information how works this kind of "object mods", I'm interested...
it's probably set to custom access

New version today with a new feature that I was asked a lot by the French community. - 20221123
[New] The buddies are here!
[Fix] Some buttons are no longer displayed in the game screens (grid composition, main window, etc.)

Same Link as before (2nd post)
You can overwrite only the exe if you already have the application

About the buddies, you can found some instructions in the readme.txt :

Quote :
Configuration :
If you do not have the line below in the Detect&Monitor.cfg file
- add it by copy and paste :
Pubstat: null (! Warning: formatting, spaces and case important!)
- or Start Detect&Monitor (version greater than or equal to then close it, the line must have been added

For the "Buddies" option to work, you have to fill in your pubstat : in Detect&Monitor.cfg file, replace "null" by your Pubstat key.
>> If you don't know it, to get it, go to LFSWorld then "My LFS Settings", tab "Pubstats access" ("Generate Ident-Key" if you don't already have one)
>> If you were using Lazy, you can find it in LFSLazy.config.txt file,

Detect&Monitor consults Pubstat every 30s, it remains largely in the free use of the service.

List of buddies:
Add in the file Detect&Monitor-BuddyList.cfg the license names of your friends (1 line per name).
(You can edit the file with your usual text editor or in Detect&Monitor with the button next to "Buddies")

Here is an example of Buddies on screen. I don't know what happens if you have too many friends, I don't have too many Big grin (but I can't get it to show in another screen right now).
You can click on a friend to join him directly on the server where he is.

and an example of Detect&Monitor-BuddyList.cfg:

Then you can activate it in Detect&Monitor :

Have fun...
It stops working after some minutes. just freezes and have to end it then re open it. then eventually same thing. Went back to previous release (.exe)and working just fine Smile
Did you have a log file of these crashes ?
Hi KingOfIce,

Congratulations on the excellent work!

I would like to suggest 2 small features.
1) Checkbox to start minimized
2) Close Detect&Monitor when lfs.exe process is terminated
Quote from regispicanco :
2) Close Detect&Monitor when lfs.exe process is terminated

Yeah lol Have to open Task manager and end it.
Or close it then close lfs Confused
Hello KingOfIce, amazing work!
i'm having some issues/bugs with this app:
  1. Can't turn on the buddy features
  2. When i use a new car all the widgets are on
  3. Speed difference widget has the gauge until i turn on the edit function
  4. The app crash when i try to close it after closing lfs
1 I followed the tutorial and entered the pubstat key in the cfg files but if i click on the buddy option nothing happens. Tried with none, one and many buddies in the list but no difference.

2 Maybe it's a feature Smile but even after using the button "set as default" every time i use a new car all the widgets are turned on. A quick click on the edit function turn the one i don't use off without doing something

3 Similar to the one above, even if it's set to off in the option, the gauge of the speed difference is always on with a new car, i need to click to turn it on and at that points it disappears Big grin

4 If i close the app after closing lfs i get the " the program is not responding" and i need to force it to close. No problem if i close it before closing lfs
Thanks for your feedback guys.
I will try to process each one as soon as I can.
A little update from using the app during events.
During PiranMOTO's dd event it worked great on custom tracks but, during the E-challenger sprint race the radar stopped working midrace. It started to work again after the race restarted.

The issue with the speed difference widget's bar got even more strange.
After turning it off, every time i exited the pit it turned itself on again Big grin
2 things I've got to share, didnt real whole thread so maybe they have been pointed out.

1. Positions list for race and qualy would be great add on.
2. Wouldnt it be better if tyre life would take flatspots into account? I've had situations where it showed 13% left and boom flat tyre Smile
Does anybody using it with Wine(Linux)?
I did a reinstall of the app, but now when I want to open it I get an error. I see its the same as TimDC, any suggestions?
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