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Pro Kart Racing Rnd 1- Hurricane Harbor
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Pro Kart Racing Rnd 1- Hurricane Harbor
First off, i must talk about my inspiration. I was at this one go kart track in NJ that was pretty awesome. I decided to start a series in LFS containing replica karting tracks around the world.

Well here it is, Rnd 1 of the Pro Karting series. Rnd 1 is a replica of the go kart track at Six Flags- Hurricane Harbor in Jackson, New Jersey. This series is intended for the MRT, as it closely resembles shifter karts.

Average width: 1.5 chalk lines wide
Suggested laps: 20
Average lap time 26-27 sec
My personal best is 25.20

Enjoy!!! Please leave comments

PS: Look for my LFS room labeled Pro Kart Racing Rnd 1 MRT
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nice job! It's a pity we don't have the smaller shift-less karts in LFS to take advantage of small tracks like this!
My only suggestion is that you work on the barriers a bit. The apexs of turns all have perpendicular walls on the edge, and that could be troublesome.

Do what Burn did on one of his tracks, use haybales or tirestacks, it looks nicer too And is safer.
Another thing is you'll need heaps of room behind the start lights if you want to have proper races on it... currently you'll only fit 1 or 2 people and no one else will be able to join. Nice layout though.
apart from this it looks pretty fun

nice job!
Nice job on this. I know the reply's a little late though. Could use a bit of cleaning up perhaps .
Hey Bryan its me Danny ( from ventrilo Dan's son ) Hop on ventrilo sometime i got s2 now Good track man i like it

Pro Kart Racing Rnd 1- Hurricane Harbor
(7 posts, started )