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Can anyone find the white FBM skin with shades and details?
Hello racers. It's been a while since I posted something here!

I like to make my own skins, and recently I had to change my PC. In that switch, I lost my beloved skinning folder with various templates and decals.

Inside that precious folder, I had a clear FBM skin that I used as a base for all my designs. It was just like the one at MasterSkinnerz, but with enhanced shades and details (shades where the sidepod meets the tail, tethers, nose, etc).

It was like this one, but with the details mentioned above.

I'll aprecciate it if someone can send it to me, or if somebody knows what i'm talking about. Ha!
This one?

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Can't offer you skin with shadows,but years ago I made one with high definition decals:
Might help if you find one with shadows only,allthough I think the shadows should be managed by LFS,hopefully they're better after big graphics update.
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Is this what you need?
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