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TBO Challenge 2020: Signups
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TBO Challenge 2020: Signups

TBO Challenge 2020 - Signups

To enter the TBO Challenge 2020, make a post here giving your requested car number, LFS license name, your real name, your nationality, your car selection, and your team name. Separate each field with a /, no space between the text of the field and the /. You may use "TBA" for your car selection if you have yet to decide. Example:

42/dekojester/Jonathan Palmer/United States/RB4/New Dimension Racing

Any number 2-99 is free for selection. Number 1 is reserved for Ramon Blauwhoff (ChristijaNL), the champion of the 2010 TBO Challenge.

Signups are open NOW, and will close 2 hours and 5 minutes prior to each round, and not open again until 2 hours following each meeting's conclusion.

Licence Requirements for Drivers

No NDR Licence Grade limitation.
You will need a minumum of an S1 LFS License to participate.

Entries are tracked in the attached PDF. This PDF is updated at least once daily, when changes are necessary.

Numbers highlighted in orange are conflicted, and that entrant needs to change their number. They have been directly notified.

A car selection marked in Bold is to inform that the driver has appeared in that car in a session of the season, and must remain in that car or forfeit all points earned up to the change.
Attached files
EntryList_Round1.pdf - 125.3 KB - 58 views
EntryList_Round2.pdf - 125.9 KB - 34 views
EntryList_Round3.pdf - 124.8 KB - 17 views
EntryList_Round4.pdf - 88.2 KB - 18 views
EntryList_Round5.pdf - 125.4 KB - 18 views
EntryList_Season.pdf - 166.7 KB - 27 views
99/f1 mainiac/Bozhidar Velinov/Bulgaria/FXO/World Class Lions

55/Sandisck/Gevin Peet/Estonia/XRT/Team Rock racing
43/MandulAA/Dániel Balla/Hungary/XRT/Race Green Autosports
10/VictorMateus123/Victor Veloso/Brazil/XRT/Energy Virtual Racing
72/renato.picanco/Pedro Picanco/Brazil/XRT/RP Racing/
#7 - jkat
04/jkat/Jari Katila/Finland/FXO/World Class Lions
32/FalconBridge/Patrick Hall/Canada/XRT/Race Green Autosports
25/Ayoub2016/Ayoub Elhannouni/Morocco/XRT/Born To Race
06/franky.s/Frank Sinchety/Scotland/RB4/Team Rock Racing
#11 - RLeb
59/rleb/Reg LeBlanc/Canada/XRT/Angry Angus Racing
27/redbot_/Jefin Jacob/India/RB4/Race Green Autosports
29/Thespeed10/Cristóbal González/Chile/RB4/Born To Race.
#14 - Laoz
46/laoz/Simas Tautkevičius/Lithuania/XRT/GLOBALGAMING Racing
44/CyanOnur/Onur Aybar/Turkey/FXO/LCS-Racing
66/racon/Jamie Tresidder/United Kingdom/RB4/PiranMOTO
17/Dalek0220/Sam Winton/United Kingdom/RB4/Doug Henson Racing
42/oscarhardwick/Oscar Hardwick/United Kingdom/RB4/Magenta WRT
13/Botswanan Salama/Pauli Peltokangas/Finland/FXO/Team S1DUS
69/capo-005-seba/Sebastián Giorsetti/Argentina/FXO/Ford Rallye Sport
98/jmeade/Jared Meade/Canada/XRT/Angry Angus Racing
18/KaiqueBRA/Kaique Piropo/Brazil/XRT/Energy Virtual Racing
88/microspecv/Sean Lee/Singapore/XRT/Air Attack Newsroom Racing
07/FasTLT/Lukas Žutautas/Lithuania/FXO/Team S1DUS
33/spiiiky/Patrik Hlinka/Slovakia/RB4/Born To Race
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TBO Challenge 2020: Signups
(113 posts, closed, started )