Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race (Main event information)
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Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race (Main event information)

Every second tuesday we (Rony and Race Green Events) bring a fun
race for everybody who just wants to race!
It's a free event, no sign ups needed, everyone who wants to take part can
come to server until end of qualifying and join!

Information about combination of car and track will be posted in a seperate thread in this forum section at least 24 hours before event,usually in sunday. The combination will be chosen by me (Rony) and will follow simple principles - one event will be with non-slick tyre cars, next - with slick tyre cars and so on, cars and tracks will be chosen to make most possible variation of cars and tracks.
Qualification will be 1 hour long (so everyone get's enough practice without coming earlier) and race will be calculated to exceed 30 minutes lenght (usually 30 minutes + 1 lap or 2 laps if track is very short).
Race will be held on a server named "Ronys Tuesdays Fun Race", which will be online at least 24h before event with next combo,currently server is online 24/7. 1 hour before qualifying,server will be password protected to keep not knowing crowded server jumpers at bay,password will always be the same: green
This event has it's rating system and statistics, spreadsheets of these can be found HERE, all previous winners and rating top10 drivers will have a chance to join race even without qualification if there still are empty starting places (all others must put a qualification time in order to be allowed start at race - wildcard entries might be allowed).

Event times:
18:00 UTC / 19:00 CET / 20:00 EET - 60 minutes qualifying
19:10 UTC / 20:10 CET / 21:10 EET - Race start
* During sunlight savings time in Europe the UTC time will be changed 1 hour earlier to keep the event in same time in area of main userbase Europe (accordingly 17:00 UTC for qualifying).

* though this is just a fun race, so rule book won't be as long as race distance itself, but everyone should follow basic car-racing rules (like rules of clean racing) and keep sportsmanship in mind, so everyone can have clean racing fun in this event!
  • Respect BLUE FLAG - you may not interfere passing maneuver of lapping car! In qualification - you may not disturb passing car in any way.
  • Be careful at YELLOW FLAG - slow down if necesary, be ready to avoid crashed cars. Crashed drivers must make sure that their return to racing won't cause other incidents.
  • No shortcutting in any way. 2 wheels must be on track every time. Usually there will be a layout to prevent shortcutting - if so,moving objects (like posts,tyrestacks,bales) should not be touched for legal lap.
  • Don't cross the pitline with more than 2 wheels and make way for cars racing at full speed.
  • Be careful while racing, avoid any contacts with other cars. No crashing, ramming or any other unsportsmanlike behavior at any time.
  • Drivers with high and/or unstable ping will be asked to leave if not improving it.
  • No voting for restart/qualification/end race after qualification start (unless command is given to vote for start).
  • Chatting during race is not forbidden, but pressing binds and (especially - unnesecary) texting too often can result in penalty.
  • Not racing observers (including drivers who already have retired) may not use chat at all.
  • This is specifically an individual event - every driver has to drive himself,no driver swaps are allowed.
* every participant can recommend any changes to these simplified rules to make them better in any way, please report any mistakes found

In case you have any protests (crashing,blocking etc.) against somebody,please post them in this thread as soon as possible (best - right after race)! All protests will be reviewed and reckless drivers will be banned for futher events to keep clean and fair racing!

In case you timed out, crashed, run out of fuel and you have completed full 50% of race distance, please spectate and don't join again - replay will be analized with LFSstats and you will be added to final results! If you did rejoin in such situation, but still want to be added to results, you will have to inform event admins in server or post request in this thread.

Good luck and have fun! Thumbs up

(picture from 100th RTFRi)
For archive purposes a google drive folder has been created,where all mpr files of RTFR races are stored (before 160th RTFR plenty of qualifying mprs are missing). In case someone needs to review a specific RTFR race,visit this link:

To find what combo was in which race,check "Other stats" sheet at RTFR stats sheets:

Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race (Main event information)
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