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Rockingham kerbs
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Rockingham kerbs

Is this normal? Is it something developers wanted to do, or is it a bug?

We tested it afterwards, and even if a car goes over those kerbs with 5kmh, it jumps up. Same thing happens with 2 or 3 more kerbs in the track.

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That's the same curb bug known from Kyoto - if I understand correctly,it's nothing wrong with curbs itself but the problem is how tyres react to such edges found in Rockingham,Kyoto and also Westhill. Seems like it should be fixed with new tyre physics,so that might be the reason why curbs itself haven't been fixed during all these years.
Exactly, its because Eric designs tracks with different tire(car) physics.
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No D34 won't have it.

That's also probably not thbe bug tbh, getting on the inside of the kerb and hooking it will upset the car.
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Quote from gu3st :No D34 won't have it.

It was a yoke. Petals

Yeah, dont know if it was bug or a deep hole that grabbed the rear of the car, but the behaviour inside the cockpit felt like a bug, or rather a 180 kickflip tony hawk pro skater 2 style.

Also, not on purpose, ended up running the same line on that corner through a 40 lap race and never happened again Uhmm

Rockingham kerbs
(7 posts, started )