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Gears in electric car
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Gears in electric car

How do gears work in an electric car?
As electric cars produce maximal torque across whole rev spectrum, the gearbox for keeping revs in optimal range is not necessary. Therefore they usually only have one fixed gear for any speed (although some experimental/racing crafts can have high/low gear four whatever reason).
also if you want the ratio of a given pair of spur gears is calculated by dividing the number of teeth on the driven gear, by the number of teeth on the drive gear
Electric cars can still benefit from gearing, but far less so than combustion engines. Low speed acceleration is generally already more than competitive. Keeping power at higher speeds is not really a concern for your typical road car, given that manufacturers are now looking to bring top speeds down. As such, the extra cost and complexity is not needed.

No gearbox also makes packaging the a motors into the each wheel much more practical and then you don't need a differential either and can just rely on electronic torque vectoring for managing stability and variant wheel speeds. It's a more modern but ultimately much more flexible solution.
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Gears in electric car
(6 posts, started )