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technical data
Hi drivers ,, please ,, please please ..
if i install clean lfs and open garage with some cars ,, so i look only bad information for me setup cars ... 1) total gear and gear .. i need info how much big is car wheel, total speed if max rmp for 1,2,3,4,5 gear box and next ...
2 ) i need view Herz frecvention if i seting shoc absorber chassis.

and more next prioritw information ,,,,,

soo meaby gearbox,, i view only stu,,pid number and i must go way .. garage, change, go way, garage , change, go way ,,, bleeeeeee this is not setuping car ... bleee

please info
please some mod, or keyboarting.

please please ... i use VHPA (vehicle handling analysator ) but i think no aktual ,, and i thik not regular info for power and max speed with chassi .

some one help me ? thanks ,, sorry my eng. Frown ..
Regarding suspensions, there used to be a program, but I think it's not available anymore. VHPA is the only tool (that I know at least) that may help with setting up a car.
Anyhow, setting up a car consists in mainly going back and forward from pits to track.
Quote from WestlY :.. garage, change, go way, garage , change, go way

Although not 100% accurate LFS Lazy has built-in interface in garage that estimate max speed on each gear ratio at a given rpm (default is redline but you adjust it with a slider).
thank you, gentlemen, for helping me out.

so only vhpa .. i want this function implement on lfs garage Frown ... so very thanks .. LFS Lazy i try it ,,

technical data
(4 posts, started )