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wired that I have to unlock every time
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wired that I have to unlock every time
Hello everyone, I just bought an S3 licence, but I found that I have to unlock every time I reboot my computer(I have checked that the LFS folder is not set to read only). Kind of anoying, the software seems won’t recognize my computer or I can not save my unlock information . Anybody get some idear about this? Please help. Thanks.
Do we assume that you're using modern pc running windows?

If so, LFS should be saved under either C:\ or C:\Games
Yes sinanju, I am using modern pc running win 10. And the LFS is saved under C:\.
Sounds like a register/cache issue inside of windows as it should be saved once unlocked. But there is high chance the issue won't be this, however, this is what popped in my mind in first place.
you even get into LFS? normally when youre registred it will still let you play the demo.

but can see you didnt move a inch at all.(attachment).

have you tried to uninstall and reinstall LFS?

could be some issue during install perhaps?
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Sounds really strange. And you are using Windows with user account of administator level? I would suggest you install another fresh copy of LFS in separate folder for example c:\lfs2 and try with that.
Reinstall your LFS to a different folder and set the game to always run as admin - might workk, then
I have the same issue as you...anyone found the real solution of it? it seems like the register of the windows delete the unlock information after I reboot the computer
Saying installed under C:\ is not quite right, as C:\Program Files (x86)\LFS *is* of course under C:\.

It should be installed *not* under C:\Program Files (x86)\, or wherever your set up normally has programs installed.
I have had this before I fixed with a fresh windows install.

Weird thing is I have used the same LFS install for years still using it now and its fine, just a glitch last time I updated pc.
Id suggest reinstalling LFS, does it delete your full driver profile so it ends changing your racer name to unnamed. If so its obviously something deleting your driver profile from the lfs/data/misc folder, do you use CCLEANER or any other junk removal tool that could be causing it

wired that I have to unlock every time
(11 posts, started )