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#1 - Dankx
About Sim Racing
I originaly buyed LFS too play drift servers/cruise , but lately i been getting more intrested in Sim Racing Competition , can anyone point me in the right direction ? Im comfortable enough too play on any server without messing up the race for others but im not sure where 2 go. I have been playing on those 5 lap servers but those only run with DEMO cars and i would like too go a little deeper
Any league in the Leagues subforum is great!

I'd recommend FM GTi, FM Fox Friday, Rony's Fun Race, Sports Racing Team Finland. All are great leagues at the moment!
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There's plenty still going on if you know where to look.

Rony runs events every Tuesday night: RFTR & RTFR XL
(FM) GTi Thursday's happen at around 7:30pm UTC+1 and last for an hour
(FM) FOX Friday's happen at around 8:30pm UTC+1 and last just over an hour

Then there are leagues like the upcoming VERL

Generally check out the events sub forum and join the LFS Discord

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Congrats, you've had iRacing for 5 minutes, now stop posting unhelpful messages here.
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#8 - Dankx
AHAH way too hit the sim guy xD thank you
#9 - aolas
nice, to see that still some real racing is going on, not only Drift c***

About Sim Racing
(9 posts, started )