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Low FPS problem
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Low FPS problem
My spec:
Celeron N3060 2x1,6 GHZ - 2,4 GHz
Intel HD 400
Resolution in game: 1280x720

How to add fps? I dont have idea :/
This is my config:
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I think thats max your system can handle also on custum tracks more calculations.
Quote from RC-Maus :I think thats max your system can handle also on custum tracks more calculations.

Blackwood, Westhill etc 38-40 fps (8 players online) 50-60 only me. Sorry for bad english
Like I said custum tracks use more cpu power
Considering you've got 2GB of RAM, a slow CPU and a really bad graphics card. Might be time to get a computer, if you're like me and have no life: a desktop is the solution.
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He also put custom textures so this also make FPS drops, maybe something change but on 0.6B i got 60-100FPS on single core CPU 2.4ghz 512mb ram and 128mb gpu when i turn everything to low on 1280x1024 resolution
Use default LFS textures, turn all graphics to basically lowest, close all other running app in windows background. Celeron is not a good processor and with your ram and other specs the current FPS is really just the max your pc can give. I had a Pentinum core laptop and it could never go above 115 in any setting. Just limitations each computer has.
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Also try this
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Quote from Mates1337 :
How to add fps? I dont have idea :/

buy a laptop which is actually meant for gaming. Not a Youtube tiger.
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I have even worse PC, but as soon as i can only drive on blackwood i dont have lag, im at the lowest settings everywhere, except that i have shadows and sky, the specs are:
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (2,01GHZ 1-cre)
1,5 GB Ram
128 MB Video (radeon 9600 family)
slow 5200 hard drive with win xp
So, i have around 40 fps and minimum of 28 on the straight of blackwood, but maybe those objects are getting down the FPS, or the players, if they are too much, Try to drive with F key, it hides car textures,that gets me 3-6 FPS

Low FPS problem
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