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How to make a drag setup?
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How to make a drag setup?

Excuse my bad English!I made this video to help people who want to make a drag setup. If you have any criticisms please tell me to fix it the next time. Smile
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Хубаво е да срещнеш някой от твоята държава да прави туториали ::Д
Very nice video...thanks a lot.
my 2c (I admit I did several tests to validate my points, but I am not an expert in Drag racing) :
* tires : putting the highest pressure on the front is good. I tend to have better result with the lowest pressure at the back, and not 1.7bar as you use. Using camber at 0° at the back is good, as it offers more contact for the driving wheels, but at the front it is not good to use 0° : you do not need grip there => prefer maximum negative camber available
* ride height : put the maximum ride height at the front => there is no penalty in the top end speed (I think...) and it will give more weight to the back (what you want on a RWD to start quickly). Having a high ride height at the back seems a bit better for grip than too low ... I tend to have good results with seeting it at the maximum
* rebound : use the lowest value for the front, not the maximum one => as for the ride height, it will help to transfer the weight to the back, giving more grip when starting
* damping : at the back, you may have some better results while not using the maximum value, it tends to limit a bit the traction, but anyway there is less to earn on this setting than the others I mention

For those who have some skills in drag racing, do not hesitate to test and provide your feedback on those points Wink , I find this interesting. That is bad we do not have a hotlap chart on this, but maybe having the physics at 1kHz is needed to have the ms taken into account in aim to differentiate the experts in gear change Big grin
@Flotch I agree with everything. But my opinion is that when we put a negative camber it does not help. I've tried alot but I can not improve my time. Big grin
It is possible indeed ... maybe the high pressure used make already the contact surface quite low Wink
I forgot one important thing : put knobbly tires in the front Thumbs up
@Flotch Can you give me your version of the drag setup? I have a desire to test it.

How to make a drag setup?
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