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Back, XFG/XRG work in LFS demo 0.6R
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Back, XFG/XRG work in LFS demo 0.6R
Welcome back!
Any test on car, stock and upgraded, modified or both?
Would appricate for that. Smile
And see your comparison between that. Meanwhile I use Demo license and still works.
Any reply?
#4 - Racon
I don't know what you're asking? Shrug
Look at the most above this page (1).
The test to make sure as I put all that on the post #1.
Any idea?
I'm sorry, but the question is somewhat confusing. If you are looking for a set, you can find it in
Just to say, the comparison.
I want to say, it's comparison between the original and the modified.
You mean the default setup which comes as very first, and setup which is done afterwards and which is considered to be a very best?

If so, then comparion: BIG TIME!
Yep, modified and default, anyway, look at the techinal diffculties
Of servers in LFS demo, most are like turkey, Even in Istanbul and its capital Ankara. And some are others.
Setups are dependant on your driving style. You might get, for example 1:36-37s on BL1 with the World Record holder's setup, while with another setup you might get 1:34s and 33s. But having a specialized racing setup is way better than racing with the default "hard track" setup.
Pretty much what Onur said. Not any setup fits your style, combined with how aggressive you are taking corners, brake zones and etc etc.

You could do great with a setup, but spin off on the first turn with another setup. Plus depends on what you use: Keyboard, Mouse, Wheel or Gamepad.

It's not the same to drive with an oversteer-ish setup than an understeer-ish setup. Same goes for braking, suspension, camber, amount of fuel (more fuel=more weight=less power-weight, also known as a slower car). Basically everything.

Have you tried to do some test laps using some setups from ?

Back, XFG/XRG work in LFS demo 0.6R
(15 posts, started )