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What made me laugh today
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words... and generations. well made me laugh Smile

Frankie Boyle on a Live at the Apollo rerun last night:

"If you've been offended by any jokes tonight, feel free to tweet your moral outrage on a phone built by a 10 year old".
one day too late finding this Smile

...meanwhile in Finland - someone was too eager on curbs!
in bat country . shooting brake rotors.

when gokarts gets insanely overpowered Big grin

UF1 @Kyoto Oval IRL

he decided to ruin his game with alot of mods and ...

From 9gag
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timestamp 1:09. insanely costly driving lesson Big grin

when you like your girl but wont let her stay in your expensive car while eating ice cream :
Before you buy a supercar, make sure you fit in the drivers seat xD

the other day i witnessed senor dump (sorry for any spelling mistakes) make a complete foll of himself by posting a "im all that" video on twitter. he used music from BATMAN - the dark knight rises.
© by Hans Zimmer (music producer) and as the thread became longer and longer, well up to 93K comments i started to wonder what it was all about since it got so viral. as i watched the video twice even, and even more comments came along... then this happened. and THAT made laugh actually still does.
so i took a screenie of it because i was just checking my messages when it popped up in my feed. one in a million odds for that to even happen. people tagged Hans Zimmer in a endless stream in comments.

i guess he didnt want batman to have anything to do with Donal DJ trump and his music.

but what a laugh..

as i couldnt stop laughing i just had to write a comment to POTUS :

COPYright does NOT mean the RIGHT to COPY Big grin

if you want to see the video (with other music...and text edits) the comedian Nick jack Pappas made his tweet underneath trumps own version with a text : Fixed that for ya Big grin

no copyright infringement applied Big grin
truly an honerable day for the POTUS..who obviously turned out to NOT be batman in any way Big grin
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What made me laugh today
(72 posts, started )