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Release : LFSLapper V7.0.4.7
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Release : LFSLapper V7.0.4.7
Hello Lapperusers,

I'm proud to release a new version of LFSLapper with some interesting features.

See the changelog below:

|Changes from to|

-Editable DriftTop script !drf
-Editable UserTop script !usertop
-Delete Driftscore from database
-Delete Laptimes from database
-Create streets and get info of current street ID
-Updated Errormessages (ERR Files)
-Location Databases changed
-Deleted some old hardcoded functions
-Retrieve list of layouts from server
-RealTime DriftScore
-Several Fixes: LFSlapper Crashes,Typos,Old Bugs

01: Driftscore table is now editable. // drifttop.lpr

$list = getlisttopdrift( $argv,$flagQual,$flagNear ); #Get List from database

!drf command in LFSLapper.lpr

02: Usertop table is now editable. // usertop.lpr

$list = getlisttopuser( $value,$flagdesc,$flagNear,$filter ); #Get List from stored database

!usertop command in LFSLapper.lpr

03: New functions. Delete records from database (single one or all)

deletedriftrecords(); #Delete driftscores from current track
deletelaptimerecords(); #Delete laptime records from current track

-Delete a single record from current track: deletelaptimerecords(Username,Car)
-Delete a specific car from current track: deletelaptimerecords(-,Car)
-Delete a specific username from current track: deletelaptimerecords(username,-)

Commands can be found in: utils.lpr Bin/default/includes/utils.lpr
!dellr = Delete laptime record.
!deldr = Delete driftscore record.

04: New Function: Register Street Action

RegisterStreetAction( name of street,trackname,width of street,coordinates of street(separated by commas), callbackfunctionOnEnter,callbackfunctionOnLeave );
Callback command is executed when a street is entered or left by a player


RegisterStreetAction( Pitlane boulevard,WE1X,7,-201,233,-201,266,-202,316,-202,353,-202,389,-202,439,-202,487,-202,536,-201,561, EnterStreet, LeaveStreet );
On track WE1X, When Coordinate -201,233 is Reached the Sub EnterStreet is executed.
On track WE1X, When Coordinate -201,561 is Reached the Sub LeaveStreet is executed.

Patch for this function is created by Nick Axworthy.

05: New Playervars: according to the the new function above


06: Load Layout system

###How to get list of layouts###
-LFSLapper MUST be on the same machine as your LFSServer
-Set Path of layoutfolder in LFSLapper.LPR (Line 207) Example: $LayoutFolder = "C:\LFS_0.6R\data\layout";
-Type !LayoutList (in Utils.LPR) to open the list.

-List with layouts that are currently available on the server.
-No need to be a serveradmin anymore to load a layout(admin management)
-Number of layouts for current track
-Modification Date
-Creation Date
-Editable script like Usertop/DriftTop

###Script idea's##
-Possible to create a Layout rotator system.
-Create a favo layout window.
-Layout Vote system

07: Realtime Driftscore option

$RealTimeDriftScore = -1; Set 1 to enable this feature.
-This may have effect on Lapper performance with many player in the server.
-Do not use this with the buildin DriftMeter Scripts.

01: ErrorMessages updated.

Some examples:

OLD: "Incorrect args number in function: Functionname".
NEW: "Incorrect number of parameters in function: Functionname".

OLD: "Need int in 2nd parameter of: Functionname".
NEW: "2nd parameter of function: Functionname. is not a valid Integer value".

02: Location Databases changed.

-Created a map for the Grip & Drift & StoredValue Databases. You can find them in the 'Databases' folder (Bin/default/Databases)

03: Changed hardcoded visible records in Toplist/UserTop/Drifttop from 18 to 24

01: Lappercrash when LeaveZone/LeaveNode sub-routine is enabled.

02: Lappercrash when adminpass is wrong.

03: Typo in Playervars: GetPlayerVar();

OLD: IPAdress
NEW: IPAddress

OLD: DecimalIPAdress
NEW: DecimalIPAddress

04: Added few non-documented PlayerVars to the PlayerVar list

05: Undocumented Lapperfunction
-IsNum(); Check if a Playervar or other variable is a numeric value. (Returns 0 or 1)

#Function Fixes:

06: Round(Var,2) : Weird Errormessage when using it with stored Playervars from the database.

07: RemovePrivDelayedcommand() : Weird errormessage when using this function in the OnDisconnect Event.
01: Several Old hardcoded functions for DriftScoreTable and Usertop


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Congrats on yet another release.
Great work and plenty of new things to write scripts with.
Very good job, congratulations, when the download will be ready?
uhm, oke that is weird.
i re-upload Lapper now.
Download was working yesterday evening, as I grabbed the new version from this site.
It's already available, thanks

Release : LFSLapper V7.0.4.7
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