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Quote from Spiiiky :lfsworld seems confused

(FM) GTi Thursday XRG @ AS2R
40 laps 20 / 17

Yep lfsw didn't register the race on my account
Quote from lucaf :

1) Imo its not fair that I get the same reward as polesitter or fastest lap driver gets, just by remaining last in qualify and then climbing 13 positions without actually overtaking almost anybody. So I would remove the one point reward for the climber.

2) I suggest change that all drivers get points like this system:

5 participants race pointing system:
5th gets 1 point
4th gets 2 points
3rd gets 2 points more, means 4
2nd gets 2 points more, means 6
1st gets 3 points more, means 9

10 participants race would be with same logic:
10th gets 1 point
9th - 2pts, 8th - 3pts, 7th - 4pts, 6th - 5pts, 5th - 6pts, 4th - 7pts
3rd - 9pts
2nd - 11pts
1st - 14 pts

I mean, your victory (or any high position) has more value if there are more participants in the race. The participants count should be counted from starting grid, not from finishers. I mean if 10 cars on grid and only 5 finishes, the last - 5th driver should get 6pts, 4th driver 7pts etc.

This is just because we cannot never not how many participates the event. Is it fair that winner gets same points from a race of 5 participants, than a race of 35 participants? Also currently its bit boring that those who can't reach top11 in the race, will never get points (sounds like pointing system of Formula One in the 70's).

Lucaf, like i said many times, we will have many changes in next season, also including points system

Quote from lucaf :
I protest the move of alfik_78 on lap 15 (at 21:27 of replay). He goes off track, and returns the track without any caring and understanding that there is race ongoing on the track. He tooks immediately in the middle of the track without any speed, first I hit him, then swissline hits him and loses 3 position because of that. I have seen him doing the same thing also in quick races, and it looks to me he wants to eagerly defend his position.

Alf reciving a WARNING due to not being carefull entering back to the track and causing crash for 3 drivers. No points penaltis or other futher actions, but if this situation will happen again we will take consecuences.
I want to let you know all guys, that when we figured out we want to start this league/season we didn't know it will be that popular ( we getting almost full host on every event ) Also sayed many times that we are not a proffesional league - but it seems that every single race proofs that we should do that.

Nowdays we are concentrate to improve things for you to be better and better. That's why we are focusing on new earning points system after every race, we will also expand some rules to be more specific in races due to for example Mikke sadnes about our qualifing mode, or picking wrong tracks, cars, weather etc - we will specify this in next season
We will try to improve out site to be more interesting ( i've doned this site alone without any knowledge of www soo, at least it's quite good ;p ) Laso we are thinking about prizes but we still need some disqusion in 'admins lounge' Wink

If someone got any suggestions - feel free to write them and say them on TS when event is on - be sure that we will not left any case behind.

We are only 2 rounds left to end of the first inaugartion season of GTi Thursdays. Remember - 28.12.2018 will be an special Cristmas event ( sneak peak - 3 custom layouts, 10 laps each race - 15 mins every qualify seassion for all ) we want to do something diffrent in this Cristmas time, of course you need to let things off in this time, be more gentle and specially - make things in Cristmas for fun - not to be angry at eachothers ) Layouts will be tight - we will test your focus and angry level - of course we will inform you on every single information about this Cristmas event soon Wink

Ok that's all
p.s. Mikke, i would love to see you on next event, bcs everyone things you are pissed off - is it true ?
Actualy, site is under construction - and it is changing for new look and for new year - in couple of days will be finished - when something will don't work - it's okay - will fix it soon Wink
Ok, Site is almost ready, most of features are updated, still much more updates to come but it will take some time Smile

Today is a race day soo without a dubt - come and race with us ! Smile
Feel free to register, place your lfs nickname - it will be easier when we will connect everything on site with your account ( you will be able to check you actual standings, statistics etc ) but this feature will be aviable later
Ofc we want to update every race results as fast as we can soo site will be up to date almost every day and also after a race day.

p.s. there is an new regulations puted in GTi series page - it's a first version - final version of regulations for 2018 season will be updated before Cristmas. Feel free to check and read new rules! (most of them will stay) New points system, new formula and also there will be some new stuff!

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Congrats to new website, it looks great.

Thanks for last event, AS7R...wasnt so ready for that but anyway enjoyed whole time. Made short vid of the race, I modified the LFS Director cameras, added more cams and more front shoots, dont know if its better or worse.
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@lucaf cameras are better - but it's imho ofc. Thanks for another upload!

On Site there is some slight info about our cristmas event on 28.12.2017 withc possibility to earn 3x points to overall standings, and some new interesting info about rules in our next 2018 season.

Ofc final versions of rules and infos will be updated after next Thursday to keep you inform, soo be ready Smile
p.s. i will also post info here on forum
Today is the day Smile

Last 'normal' Thursday event in this year and edning Season.
Next Thursday on 28.12.2018 will be a Special Cristmas Event - More info after today's event.

Winnner of today's race picking track for first race of new 2018 Season in new rules. ( New Rules will be also updated after today's race and there will be no futher changes )

Have a greate race today Smile
And of course, if anyone want to participate - you know the drill - no sing up needed, just join TS before Qualificaion Session start Smile

Watched replay of my fails, really sorry for amen1, who crashed on my wreck on full speed. I was too confused to do anything immediately after crashed on Presley's rolling car :/ My bad because I lost awareness where I am on the track after that hard crash.

I apologize also first lap confusion, even I am not sure was it my fault, I was just slowing down to not dive into Arska while cars behind me were closening too fast to avoid me, and chain collision was the result.
Christmas Special Event is close - It's oly a week to go, standard racing in Thursdays in 2017 come to an end. Who will be our first GTi Champion ? We will know in Christmas for sure! Without a doub that was a nice 16 events in this year! Pleasure to race with you all.

Special Event will have special combination of tracks, laps, and points system!

Track, laps, pitstops:

1. AS1R (Aston Cadet Reverse) - 1 Hot lap Qualifing Session / 10 Laps Race / 2 mandatory pitstops / Cars: XFG/XRG
2. FE1 (Fern Bay Club ) - 10 mins qualifing session / 10 Laps Race / 1 mandatory pitstop / Cars: XFG/XRG
3. SO1R ( South City Classic Reverse ) - 1 Hot lap Qualifing Session / 10 Laps Race / 2 mandatory pitstops / Cars: XFG/XRG

Points System:

Each points sytem is the same as usual in the GTi series but each race gives you new opportunity to get points to your overall standings - in this event you can earn even 50 points to your standings!

Please be aware this is Christmas - It's quite know we should all have fun in this time, don't take it too personal !

With all admin's lounge we wish you Merry Christmas and Hapy New Year - of course with much of points in overall standings!
Why FE1 only xfg?
bcs propably on as1 and so1 xrg will be mostly pick Wink
all tracks xfg xrg pretty equal, as1r my xfg pb faster fe1 xfg pb faster only so1r my xrg pb bit faster
Hey lucaf! I also watched the replay. It wasn't really your fault either. There was too little time for you to get out of the way. So no hard feelings there Smile Shit happens.
Mikke, just saw replay, and your crash with outlkaped mr FinUK Smile Tell me, why u didnt slow down when you see fliping car ? you wanted to pass him close, and that's why you spinned - imho you should take your car more to the right - if there is a Yellow Flag - you need to pay attention what's happening on that sector when Yellow is waved Wink specially when you see fliping car man Smile

About lucaf, and amen - yes that was a sick action right there - but glad that you are all okay with that Smile

Nice racing guys, and hope you will all come to Christmas Event Smile
First "yellow flag" was waved too late as you can see on screenshot, (yes its first moment of yellow flag), i didnt start braking early bcoz abs could make my car go straight into FinUK so i decided to dodge him on right as you can see on replay also. Speed was too big for fast counter and i couldnt do big right turn, i made small but still lost a little rear (see at replay Smile ). I didnt know how his car will behave after he turned on wheels after roof. wasnt enough anyway. Its not that easy in xrg as in xfg.
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Quote from Mikus1212 :i didnt start braking early bcoz abs could make my car go straight

That's the absolute opposite of what is ABS designed for. If you brake hard without ABS and lock up wheels,you cannot turn and slide whereever your current mass movement direction pulls you. With ABS wheels are not locked and car has still some handling abilities.
Not with that big speed and this car.
Trust me I did about 30000 laps in this car and I know what I was able to do in that situation. Im not robot, cant react that fast...
For someone,who is that fast,you have quite slow reaction... Big grin Then again I wasn't in your situation,so I cannot judge,allthough I had also an incident ahead of me at same track section,practically ended the race of 2 others,where I escaped unharmed.
Anyway - was just pointing out about ABS,which IS NOT the reason why car goes straight when braking hard. Wink
Mikke, you wanted my opinion after race, soo ive posted my opinion - and IMHO you can do it better in that situation, but there is a human factor in this case soo, doesn'y matter know Smile

But in season 2018 i think there will be less that kind of situations Smile
Short clip of yesterday's first laps
Ok - so today is the day for Xmass Event - last on in 2017 GTi Thursday's Championship.

We will go in 3 diffrent tracks.

1. AS1R (Aston Cadet Reverse) - 1 Hot lap Qualifing Session / 10 Laps Race / 2 mandatory pitstops / Cars: XFG/XRG
2. FE1 (Fern Bay Club ) - 10 mins qualifing session / 10 Laps Race / 1 mandatory pitstop / Cars: XFG/XRG
3. SO1R ( South City Classic Reverse ) - 1 Hot lap Qualifing Session / 10 Laps Race / 2 mandatory pitstops / Cars: XFG/XRG

Unfortunetly lfs can't force more that 1 pitstop, but if someone wil not do remaining pitstops in race - he will be penlized from track results.

There was some questions about switching cars between track - Yes, you can switch to other can in next track ( you can't switch car between qualify and race session on single track )

Winners don't picks track- bcs first track of new years championship is already picked by Mikke and it is BL3 - There we will go for first 2018 GTi Thursdays Championship Race.

For now i will be exited to see you all on today's event - you know the drill - Connect to out TeamSpeak Channel ( ) before event start - we will disqus some topics before the race Smile

Thanks for nice racing today (and whole season)

I realized that my overall points on web page are wrong. Web page says I have 20 points, which cannot be right since I finished 6th and 5th today, which is 10+12 points (unless you had special pointing system for christmas event. If yes, am sorry, but I couldn't find it anywhere ^^). Also I had some points before, not sure if 6 or 4.

Looking forward to next season Smile
After your post i decided to check my points (I don't know if something changed in point system Shrug )

But how sure can we be if yours aren't correct and after calculating mine those also not correct (difference 54 points Looking )

added txt off my check but if ours not correct how sure can we be off standings Shrug
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