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South City minimap and generic minimap bug
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South City minimap and generic minimap bug
Noticed that on track select, the track area minimap is shown correctly, but incorrectly otherwise. Here is pics.

Also, check how color changes on minimap when having pic taken on incar, or tv-cam, same thing happens on shift u mode, depending in which camera view you have entered to shift u mode

I use purple as switched and changed colors via user interface

EDIT: The track minimap bug is on bottom, there should be one corner shown, but seems track simply goes off.
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The minimap has 2 colours as stated on the Display>Interface menu:
Small map dark
Small map light
IIRC Small map dark is only used when in 3rd person, and small map dark is used on the rest of views, because of, for example, car interiors where they are mostly black (except cars with no roof, like RAC, UF1 roofless and both LXs) because they would camouflage with the texture and be like there is no minimap, if using minimap on total black colour, or where some tracks have dark spots, or dark textures itself.

Also I know there is a bug on both Display and Interface sliders where they show incorrect colours when moving them (like, you want to make orange and it shows purple or dark green and etc). I think the Interface tab doesn't have this problem, but may be wrong.

Do both minimaps have the same colour? idk if you know the trick, but you can use ctrl+LeftClick to copy and Shift+LeftClick to paste sliders value.
Yeah no worries, I just forgot that one, my bad, but minimap itself as missing the thing is real on there.
I'd say that they did the minimaps on a certain size, so maybe in South City they used an smaller "template", so part of that off-track on the south is not shown complete. At least that's what I have in mind about it.

South City minimap and generic minimap bug
(4 posts, started )