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fanatec clubsport wheel setup
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fanatec clubsport wheel setup
hello bros im using a fanatec clubsport wheel for lfs and i love it but when i use it in drifting i notice that my wheel kicks back hard when i tray to control a drift, i'm sure its from the sim settings as i haven't changed anything from the default.

any setting that can fix this and thank you so much for the help Smile
Did you turn of the spring function on your wheel? Maybe start with telling us your wheel and ingame settings.
thx for the replay bose this is my wheel settings

Sensitivity (SEn): 900
Force feedback strength (FF): 15
Vibration strength (Sho): 40
Drift mode (dri): 5
Linearity (Lin): 10
Deadzone (dEA): OFF
Force (For): 100
Spring (SPr): Off
Damper (dPr): Off

and here are my in game settings

wheel turn:900
Wheel turn compensation: 1.00
Force strenght: 30
I know this is an old thread but did anyone figure some settings for LFS on a fanatec wheel for drifting? I get the same problem on my csw

fanatec clubsport wheel setup
(4 posts, started )