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Finnish translation
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Quote from tankslacno :Thank you for this suggestion/correction. I've now changed that word in both online translation system and in my LFS-Client.

In case you can't wait to see the end of MUTA-word, I've attached a screenshot of this correction Big grin

Cool, I did check it out more, it could had been still also on MUTA, but it depends on two things...

1... Tire names are set for as what environment they are used

2... Tire names are directly set their names itself

However, both of options in finnish terms are more used to call as "MAASTORENKAAT"... That's why I can confirm 100% from it. It sounds indeed awkward to only call as Maasto, because in english, the word "Tires" are not shown on tire options, only the somewhat shortcut version of it...

So, it would be 100% correct to set as 'Maastorenkaat'...

More trivia:

Normal tires = Normaalirenkaat
Normal tire = Normaalirengas
Normal tire compound = Normaalirengasseos ( Notice, even if word "compound" has direct translate called as "yhdiste", it is not used in that term as much as "seos", which is more like called as "mixture" in english )

Hybrid tires = Hybridirenkaat
Hybrid tire = Hybridirengas
Hybrid tire compound = Hybridirengasseos

Soft tires = Pehmeärenkaat / Pehmeät renkaat ( Because word "pehmeät" does end to letter t words are separated. Both are correct to use. There is even more rules about how to make finnish words correctly, but heck, this thread is not for that, haha! )
Soft tire = Pehmeärengas
Soft tire compound = Pehmeärengasseos

Knobbly tires = (Mukurarenkaat) Maastorenkaat
Knobbly tire = (Mukurarengas) Maastorengas
Knobbly tire compound = (Mukurarengasseos) Maastorengasseos

RX Slick tires = RX-Sliksirenkaat ( X means for 1,2,3 or 4, as used in LFS )
RX Slick tire = RX-Sliksirengas
RX Slick tire compound = RX-Sliksirengasseos

Slick tire compound = Sliksirengasseos


Sorry, I got overflowing when coming to explain on this, but at least you got it. And besides, at least you know few finnish words to type, not sure how you say them =)
Quote from UnknownMaster21 :Cool, I did check it out more, it could had been still also on MUTA, but it depends on two things...

I now translated those words into these (I only translated them in my own LFS-Client, I haven't yet translated these in online translation system):

They all seem to fit in there, though just barely. In my opinion, RX-SLIKSIT could be actually pretty good there, it looks better and more reasonable than SLIKSIT RX.

My question is that, is it necessary to have the word/part "Renkaat" there? The tab in garage already says that you're modifying/checking tires.

PS: Possible spoilers:

In this game, there are also tires called: SLICK_SOFT (Pehmeät Sliksit), SLICK_MEDIUM (Puolikovat Sliksit), SLICK_HARD (Kovat Sliksit), RACE_SLICK (Sliksit), RACE_GROOVED (Urarenkaat), RACE_INTERMEDIATE (Välikeli) and RACE_WET (Märkä). I translated the first three into Pehmeät Sliksirenkaat, Puolikovat Sliksirenkaat and Kovat Sliksirenkaat and the last two into Välikelin renkaat and Märät renkaat.

But when I refershed that language file in LFS, it warned that Pehmeät Sliksirenkaat is too long by two letters and Puolikovat Sliksirenkaat is too long by five letters (therefore, Kovat Sliksirenkaat is the maximum length of word related to tires). So I think it's best, that at least Pehmeät/Puolikovat/Kovat sliksirenkaat are just called Pehmeät/Puolikovat/Kovat sliksit.

Anyway, is this going to tell us that tracks are going to get pretty wet after tyre physics are ready? Big grin
Shhhhhhh!!!! ( Isn't it obvious? )

The thing was that it is not really need to add a word renkaat after the type of tires, it was just an example Big grin

Was only need to change Muta to Maasto, otherwise it is good Smile
Hello developers and fellow players!

I have made alternative finnish translations for the training missions.

I don't want to diminish the effort put into the original translations in any way, but I stumbled upon some errors in some of them.

So I checked through all of the translations in the training section and decided to re-work them all (to varying degree). Fixed a few translation errors and some naming inconsistencies, but also tweaked the appearance of the language a little.

Would you guys take a look at them and say what you think?
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Did not compare them with original ones, but what I read in that zip file was very OK
Hi once again!

Updated Commands.txt and Autocross.txt to most recent version (0.6T4). Are there any more commands coming to Commands.txt?

By the way, I checked those alternative Finnish translations for training lessons that Vaitteli made and they actually have better grammar than those I originally made about 3 years ago. So if it's okay, it could probably be better to replace those original ones withe ones Vaitteli made. Thanks for them Vaitteli and sorry for the delay.

PS: To all translators: I think there's two more translation strings in all languages that should be updated. Since 0.6T3, it's possible to speed up or slow down time in Single Player. Well, if you look at Options -> Controls -> Reserved buttons -> Shift+F2/F3, you can see that all languages (I suppose) have word "replay" in those two translation strings, hinting players that speeding up or slowing down is only possible in Replays, even though it's now possible in Single Player as well.
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Thank you tankslacno and vaitelli, your updates will be in T5 which I hope to release later today.

Finnish translation
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