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CityLiga 21 - Fight 'Til the End
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CityLiga 21 - Fight 'Til the End
Great video, though I wish it was longer Big grin
Great video, great camera work and the ending was neat. Liked and subscribed, great content Smile
Fantastic! Smile
Really nice camera work wish it was longer but still an amazing video! good job!
Very expertly edited! Like others, I just wish it was longer! Tongue
U can press repeat button Thumbs up
Nice, also liked your other "trailer" video of season finale. Thumbs up
If you want bit critic:
In the scene of Aston chicane it shows the moment when the tire barrier resets, something strange looking that can be avoided. The first half is basically stationary cars..when the first moving cars are shown the video is already half over. (Maybe that is why some posters feel it too short)
For that intro-ish thing before lights go green you could use scenes of cars leaving pitlane/garage or so. (from qualy replays)
That's ace. Good job again. Thumbs up
I gave this video thumbs up.

CityLiga 21 - Fight 'Til the End
(11 posts, started )