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[TC] Racing

Who are we?

Since its formation in 2006, [TC] has been organising and hosting racing events primarily for the CityDriving community keeping itself to itself and never really engaging with the wider LFS community. Over the last few years however, [TC] Racing has begun competing in more and more LFS leagues and competitions. But we don't want it to stop there...

Because racing has become a large part of what [TC] does, we are looking forward to developing the team further. Due to the success of CityDriving, we are keen to offer racing services within LFS at some point in the not too distant future.

Feel free to check out our website and follow us on Twitter for all of the latest news and updates from the team. See you on the track!

Team Manager

22 Spencer "pik_d" Rose - (pik_d)


13 Jack "Renegade" Eyre - (vRenegade)

14 Luke Tomlinson - (LuckyLukeT)

16 Adam "k_badam" Brown - (k_badam)

17 Connor McMullan - (Liv4Eva)

27 Nick Hunter - (Piggy501)

68 Sam "Shikari" Corson - (Shikari_san)

76 Simon "Super Duper" Murphy - (no_one)

82 Pete Butcher - (MButcher)

83 Chris "Elmo" McElroy - (Degats)

98 Michael "Mikee" Weddell - (.Mikee.)
Didn't he sold his wheel,quit GenR and LFS in general for... ehmm,whatever he wanted to do? Looking
He quited GenR because he needed more real life.

Good luck
Clap clap good luck Tongue
We're pleased to announce that British driver Connor McMullan has joined the [TC] Racing team. He will be competing in his first league with us in a few weeks when CityLiga 21 begins.

Welcome aboard, Connor!

Hey gratz Connor!
Welcome to the team! Smile
Thanks! Smile
Hello there,

We're excited to announce that we are welcoming 2 new drivers to our team. British driver Simon "Super Duper" Murphy and American driver Spencer "pik_d" Rose.

They are joining [TC] Racing as full members and we look forward to having them compete alongside us in many leagues and competitions including CityLiga 22 which starts in February next year.

Welcome aboard!

Gratz guys
pick dee <3
#13 - troy
Now bribe super duper with a mic and you're golden! Big grin Gratz guys, must be nice not being so lonely any more. Smile
Quote from troy :Now bribe super duper with a mic and you're golden! Big grin Gratz guys, must be nice not being so lonely any more. Smile

Already done, he has a mic now Wink
Gratz super duper and pik d Smile
gratz guys Wink!! why them not me Big grin
Grats! Smile
Congratulations all and good luck Smile
Thanks everyone Big grin

Sadly we say farewell to Elvis who has decided it is best for him to leave [TC] Racing. We thank him for his brief stint with the team and especially for his efforts during the 8 hours of Fern Bay earlier this month where the team secured their first endurance podium.

We wish you all the best Elvis.

In other news, Team Vires driver James Peace (JamesPeace) has agreed to join our guest driver line up. He will hopefully be joining us for the Desire of Patience Tour 24 hour race at the end of January. More news on this soon!

That's all for now. In the mean time, [TC] Racing wishes you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

We are pleased to announce that Savy has returned to [TC] Racing after a 2 year absence. He will be competing with us in CityLiga 22 and hopefully he chooses to stick around afterwards to join in with future racing events.

It's great to have you back on board, Savy!

Fast boy Smile Good luck to both of you
We're happy to announce the latest addition to our driver line up. Sam 'Shikari' Corson will be joining [TC] Racing as a full member having impressed us with his commitment and results in CityLiga 22. He will race under the [TC-R] tag for the remainder of CityLiga 22 and will be joining us for the upcoming 8 hours of Rockingham International.

Great to have you with us, Sam.

Very big surprise I never expect this to happen Big grin
Congratz Shikari Big grin A cool and fast guy joining TC-R Petals

I also want to congratulate Pete for his outstanding performance in the CityLiga at the moment. Apart from the OEC I'm not that active atm but I followed your progress. That's really impressive and I keep my fingers crossed for you and the title!!

[TC] Racing
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