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LFS Photomode Competition Round 96: Sunset/Sunrise With Pictures Provided
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#1 - delis
LFS Photomode Competition Round 96: Sunset/Sunrise With Pictures Provided


This rounds theme is... "Sunrise/Sunset with pictures provided".

Round rules (Created by andRo. for LFS Photomode Competition round 70):

*The edit must include the sunset/sunrise, but you must use the pictures provided in the attachment.
*It is allowed to change the background, but the car from the picture must be on the edit in your Final Entry.
*You can choose 1 or max 2 pictures from the attachment as you wish. If you choose 2 pictures, they must be put together into 1 picture.

Images you have to use:

Cars: -
Tracks: -

Quote :Competition rules:
  • When you have finished your picture and want to enter it into the competition, please write 'Final Entry' in the relevant post.
  • You must provide a preview picture (no bigger than 400 x 400 pixels) as well as the High Resolution picture. (The preview picture does not have to be exactly 400 x 400 pixels - it can be smaller to maintain the correct aspect ratio [for example, 400 x 300 pixels])
  • No renders, old images or VOB MODS to be used.
  • You may incorporate external non-LFS images into your work this round.
  • Demo users can use only use demo content.
  • During the voting, you are FORBIDDEN to get more votes in an unfair way. (Asking your team members, friends etc. to vote for you.) If I find out, your image will be removed from the voting and you will not be allowed to take part in the competition. (For how long, that is to be decided by me.)
  • All pictures MUST be uploaded to, so basically in the attachments. (Other uploading websites are not allowed to be used.) (This is because of the fact, that after some time, the other websites get shut down and pictures in hall of fame or old threads disappear and we can never get to see them again..
  • The winner of the round should explain how he made his edit. This is not a MUST rule, but it would be great for the beginners and also others to learn and see new things. (This means, giving 2-4 images of the steps, the raw screenshot etc. telling the techniques and tools used.)
  • Any entries that will be ignoring 1 or more rules listed above, will not be accepted.

* If these rules are ignored, then the person might be forbidden to take participation in the competition for some time.

Anyone is allowed to post their pictures and take participation in the competition as long as the rules are obeyed.

Competition closes on SATURDAY, 31.01.2015. at 23:59 GMT.

Have fun and good luck! Feel free to discuss the topic, images or ask questions.
Good luck guys
Well, I put a little something together. If I have time to make some changes, I know a few things that I want to do. So, consider this final if I don't update (but there is a chance I might). If this ends up being final, I'll put up an edit or a new post that describes how I did it.
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#4 - delis
Quote from shashdev :... I'll put up an edit or a new post that describes how I did it.

You don't have to describe it now. Only if you win the round. And it's all of free will. If this is your final entry, then just edit the post and write Final entry somewhere, so I'll know.
#5 - Litro
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#6 - delis
Final entry!

HQ <---> LQ
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XFR HD.jpg
XFR LQ.jpg
... Oh. How coincidental. Big grin

Final entry, Just an attempt. Big grin
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#8 - Danas
Final entry

edit: updated suspension and shading, now final.
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#9 - delis
Nice edits you guys! Keep it up!
Double post:

Only week left for the deadline for this round. If you are interested in participating, please post your work here Smile
So, when's the voting going to start?
ops, I wanted to do something after the 24h race but then forgot. :/
So now voting and winner choses new theme?
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LFS Photomode Competition Round 96: Sunset/Sunrise With Pictures Provided
(12 posts, started )